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Christmas Gift Ideas That are Uniquely Canadian

Updated on November 17, 2013

Proud Canadian Boys!

Strange Brew - I'm So Proud!

Canuck and Proud of It!

This isn't one of those hubs that anyone's allowed to take offense to. As a proud Canuck and citizen in good standing of the province of Ontario, I claim the right to poke fun at my nationality. Let's face it, the things we're known for here in Canada are funny.

It always amuses me when I tell people in other countries that I'm from Canada and the first thing they mention is Bob and Doug McKenzie in the old '80's movie, Strange Brew. The McKenzie brothers are, perhaps, our biggest claim to fame, along with maple syrup, snow and over-politeness.

Well, we're all that and more, folks. We're deep. Really deep. Yet laughable.

Sweet Gift Idea!

Nothing says 'Canada' like maple syrup! Seriously, it oozes Canuck. Tapped right from our own trees, many from northern Ontario, this stuff is ooey-gooey-good.  If this doesn't give you a sugar spike, you're probably dead.

For Canuck Wannabe's

You say you're green with envy? Do you dream of freezing your butt off for six months of the year? Is shovelling snow your idea of a great time? Well, then, have we got the country for you!!

Come frolic with the polar bears, moose and beavers in the True North Strong and Free.

This book will tell you all about our Canadian land and culture, even our people. Yes, Canadians are fascinating!

How to Be Canadian

Now What?

When in Rome, I mean Canada....Congratulations, you got here (legally, of course) and now you need to know how to blend in.  This book can fill you in on our customs and ways.  As I mentioned before, we're deep, so there's stuff to know.  I haven't read this book, but I'm sure the author has probably addressed the little matter of apologizing to inanimate objects and making sure that you don't wear your toque backwards.  You know, the essentials.

Fake It 'Till You Make It!

Plan B

So you didn't get into the country, or you're struggling with our habits and culture. Maybe, you even want to pretend you're Canadian when travelling.  Fear not! You can just fake it until you get the hang of things. Go ahead, lots of people do it and we're too polite to mention it, anyway.

Bacon from Canadian Pigs

I would be totally remiss in my journalistic duty if I didn't mention our great Canadian bacon.  I don't know how it is different from American or Yugoslavian or any other country's bacon, but it's really delicious.  Most commonly used in sandwiches and on buns.  Try it, you'll like it.

Moose and Squirrel

In case you didn't know it, Rocky and Bullwinkle are Canadian. This Rocky bobble head doll makes the perfect gift for a moose and squirrel fan. And let's face it - who doesn't love Rocky and Bullwinkle.

You'll appreciate the fine craftsmanship of this plastic gem! This isn't a miniature toy, either. Rocky checks in at a towering 6" in height, so he's almost life size.

Go ahead, wax nostalgic then give this amusing piece of memorabilia a place of honour like on the dashboard of your car, the back of the toilet....

Sporty Canuck

Oh yeah, we are renown sportsmen. Canada is all about hockey, eh?

We can all do moose calls too, and believe me, it takes talent. Luckily, it's built in, we're born with the gift. Really. Moose hunting is what we do during the hockey off season.

Still, hockey is our game, so it's nice to have this poster on the wall to remind us of hockey seasons past and Stanley Cups to come. Some people say that it really jazzes up the outhouse, especially when the décor reflects a sports theme or has red as the main colour. Something for you to consider. I can see you putting your finger against your lips right now, as you try to imagine how you can use this vintage poster to brighten up a space in your home or outbuildings. Enjoy.

Canadian Christmas CD

Yes, some people in Canada sing, too. Well, we all sing, it's just that some are way better at it than others.

We do, in fact, have some pretty famous musical artists in our country. Think Bryan Adams, Diana Krall, Jann Arden and you get the picture. We're very proud of our artists.

Those three, plus plenty more Canadian musicians, are on this CD.

Sing loud and proud at Christmastime, Canada!

Ohhhh, Beaver Fur

Who says we're not sophisticated? You're going to feel and look like the million bucks you spend on this velvety soft sheared beaver fur coat with fox fur tuxedo for added comfort and classy style.

Naturally, this beautiful outerwear is Made in Canada. That means it'll keep you warm during the long, cold winter months we typically have in this country.

If you're thinking of buying it, you'd better hurry - there's only one left!

Official Canadian Headwear

If you want a bonafide Canadian look, you MUST sport a toque! As I understand it, Americans refer to this type of headgear as a "knitted hat." How funny and not very French Canadian at all! You can spot a Canuck in any crowd in the winter.

Editor's Note: Amazon can call this hat anything it wants but it is a toque. I know. I'm Canadian.

We Like to Start 'em Young

You just can't get too much Canadian culture.  Hey, we're proud of our heritage and we want our new little Canadians emersed in it, right from birth.  You too can raise a child in the Canadian way and make them multi-cultural.

How's the Moisture in Your Log Cabin?

We have a few log homes here in Ontario but there are a lot more in B.C. where much of the timber comes from.

B.C. is short for British Columbia, which is on the west coast of Canada for those who don't know. Anyway, you definitely do not want moisture in your logs, so be sure to check them.

For Those of You Who Don't Know Where or What B.C. Is (see above)

It's okay if you didn't have a clue what or where B.C. is in the previous paragraph, because here's a learning tool for you. It's a map. See all those pretty colours? That's us. Each colour represents a different province or territory. If you're not Canadian, you live outside of the area with the pretty colours. See? Easy.  Now, if you find Ontario, you find me.

Feel the Bubbles Melt

A VERY sexy American man once told me that Aero chocolate bars are not available in the States.  I believe him.  So, for those of you who have not had the pleasure of feeling the bubbles melt on your tongue, here's your chance to grab a small bit of Canadianna.  Enjoy!

Is It Getting Hot in Here?

Hey, it's cold and dark half the year, what else are we gonna do?  You can only watch the same reruns so many times.  Late summer and early fall are when the most births occur.  You do the math.

The Mounties Always Get Their Man

A mountie holding a Canadian just don't get more Canuck than that.

This ornament is just perfect for a Canadian Christmas. Who wouldn't display this proudly on their tree?

Don't Worry Nell, I'll Save You!

Everyone the world over seems to be familiar with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. That's RCMP or Mounties, for short. Dudley Do-Right is the most famous Canadian Mountie of all.  Let Dudley teach you everything you want to know about our famous good Canadian manners.

The Pride of Our Maritime Region

Make Mine a Moosehead!

Ahh, Moosehead beer! Our eastern provinces can be proud of the local brewery that makes and markets this uniquely Canadian product.

*No real mooseheads are used in the processing of this malt beverage.

Canuck & Doesn't Care Who Knows It

Die hard Canadian patriots will love having Canada help them keep their pants from falling down. Made of solid pewter and colourfully enamelled, this belt buckle is a wonderful and classic piece of waist jewellery that will draw that hawt chick's eye to your nether region.  That's assuming that your belly isn't hanging over it.

Like Enough Already, Ya Know, Eh?

I could keep going on and on, but I have to sleep sometime. Admit it though, this is nice stuff!

You can mock my Canuck-ism and lovely array of Canadian products in the comments if you so wish.

Meantime, have a very Merry Canadian Christmas, eh?

How to Stuff a Mouse in a Beer Bottle - Canuck Culture


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      "O Canada"

      It has to be one of the best if not the best country in the world. I plan on moving to Vancouver next yr. Can't wait!


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Actually Aero's are English not Canadian. We have them in Australia also.

    • carrie450 profile image


      9 years ago from Winnipeg, Canada

      Helooooo Shirley from Winnipeg. You have created a beautiful hub about Canada and funny too. Voted up. Glad I stopped by.

    • Shirley Anderson profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Anderson 

      9 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Hi, Carol. I don't know why but your comment got stuck in the spam filter. I'm so glad that you enjoyed my hub, you come on back to read anytime you'd like. Thanks! :)

      Hello Almostseventy! Sounds like it was nice and cozy in your car in the winter! I recall hearing mention of block heaters when I was younger. Not sure if it was my dad or someone else that used them, plugged them in at night. Having the snow all melted must have been a terrific bonus! No brushing and scraping, sounds great to me! Thanks so much for coming by!

    • profile image


      9 years ago


      Sixtyorso was commenting on plugs used to keep cars heated.

      I lived in Montreal for decades and many large companies had plugs in their parking lots. We'd install engine block heaters to keep the oil, etc. warm, and car interior warmers in our vehicles and plug them in on cold winter days. The car was sure to start when you finished work and it'd be nice and toasty inside, too, not to forget that if it had snowed, it'd be all melted, too!

    • CarolMerc profile image


      10 years ago from LA

      If I ever feel upset I will come back to this hub to distract myself! Funny.

    • Shirley Anderson profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Anderson 

      10 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Hi, Oliversmum! I'm so happy that you enjoyed my hub. Canada is beautiful and diverse, both in its landscapes and cultures. Unfortunately, it's also cold and dark in the long winters. I'm a hot weather person, so dream of snowbirding it one day.

      Ah, you have a Mountie! Maybe one day, you'll pay our country a visit and see a real one. They still wear the uniforms and ride horses but only for special occasions and when they're doing a riding display at an event.

      Our maple syrup is reportedly very good but as I don't care for maple flavour anything, I'm afraid that I can't vouch for it.

      It would be great if you could vacation in Canada sometime and see all our great sights first hand. I think you'd love them.

      Thanks so much for coming by and commenting, Oliversmum!

    • oliversmum profile image


      10 years ago from australia

      Shirley Anderson, Hi. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your absolutely beautiful Canada, it sounds like a very exciting place to live.

      I love all of the gifts, As a collector of small dolls from around the world, my Canadian Mountie sits proud in my crystal cabinet, he's beautiful.

      We also love Maple Syrup but have not tried your Canadian one as yet, but it's going on the shopping list.

      The coverage we got here in Australia of the Canadian Winter Olympics was great, all the towns, cities and venues looked fabulous.

      Thank you for sharing this hub I loved it. :) :)

    • Shirley Anderson profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Anderson 

      10 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Thanks, James.

    • jamesmoralde profile image


      10 years ago from Florida, USA

      interesting ideas...

    • Shirley Anderson profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Anderson 

      11 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      RGraf, funny I didn't see you. Wave next time!

      Hmmm, fishing resorts, eh? Well then, you probably went to one of a few places: northern Ontario, B.C., the east coast or Quebec. Unless of course, you braved the Yukon.

      Do you know, my sister and I have actually gone looking for moose when we went up north but we couldn't find any. I've never seen a real one. Snow, I've seen. I'm looking at it now. If you really think it's lovely, I'd be happy to have it shipped to you - no charge!

      Thx for coming by!

    • RGraf profile image

      Rebecca Graf 

      11 years ago from Wisconsin

      This was great. I've vacationed in Canada many times but mainly at fishing resorts. I live just a couple of hours away and periodically we get your visiting moose and all your lovely snow :)

    • Shirley Anderson profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Anderson 

      11 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Well, that explains it! The men from our party went to Africa - said that it was not a great place for western females to visit, but I think they wanted to go without us.

      I have some pics of those monkeys. I've never seen monkeys running around loose like that before. If memory serves, we also went in a cave. You can access so little of it because of it being a British military base. I'd never go back, but I can say that I've been there and have seen where John and Yoko got married. I can die a happy woman.

      I'd love to read your travel tips. See ya over there.

    • sixtyorso profile image

      Clive Fagan 

      11 years ago from South Africa

      Shirley You did not see me from Gibraltar because I keep a low profile!

      BTW Gibraltar has Brits (lots of them) and Monkeys. It is a strange place being a British possesion at the tip of Spain. I think that is still the situation and oh restaurants with pictures of fish snd chips or steak and chips!

      If you have time have a quick look at my travel tips for hubmob and see what you think.

    • Shirley Anderson profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Anderson 

      11 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Thank-you for commenting, Lgali!

    • Lgali profile image


      11 years ago

      thanks for the hub with good info

    • Shirley Anderson profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Anderson 

      11 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Lgali, you should try it sometime. I don't drink it normally, in fact, I'm not sure if I've ever had one, but I've heard that it's good.

    • Lgali profile image


      11 years ago

      I like Make Mine Moosehead!

    • Shirley Anderson profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Anderson 

      11 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Nthathu, I'm so glad that your daughter enjoyed Canada! I love it myself, though I'm not crazy about the winters.

      Thanks for your encouragement, Ntathu!

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Hey, Shirley- an excellent article. I live in UK. My eldest daughter spent summer visiting relatives in Vancouver - she had a BALL. She grew up and returned totally bubbly, alive and bursting with ambition and focus. Something in the air over there really helped her to see the "wider picture" of life. I'll show her your article when she gets home from school. Thanks and Keep writing. Ntathu

    • Shirley Anderson profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Anderson 

      11 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Ah, man! You've been to B.C.? I haven't! I've written a number of articles for clients about Vancouver Island but that's as close I've come. Been to Europe, the Caribbean, the States, but never to another province. You got there from South Africa before I made it! I have heard that it's beautiful but can be depressing because of often the skies are grey and the rainfall.

      I did stand on the Rock of Gibraltor and look at Africa....I didn't see you. By the way, there is almost nothing in Gibraltor - bronze plaques, a Wimpy's and some bobbies.

    • sixtyorso profile image

      Clive Fagan 

      11 years ago from South Africa

      Shirley I guess that I have been around a long time and have a quirky memory for strange facts (or fiction) that come out of my memory banks when reading hubs or comments or in general conversation. BTW I have been to both Vancover and BC. Victoria is a lovely little town on the waterfront. I ate geoduk (abalone) in a restaurant in the Vancover bay area. It was raining in Victoria as it almost always does and Vancouver was beautiful and sunny and reminded me of Cape Town.

    • Shirley Anderson profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Anderson 

      11 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Sixty - Muskrat sounds like it's wayyyyyy up north, so I'm not saying it's not true. It may very well be - I've never been to Muskrat, but I'd like to see a town with that name. Re the wild rice, they may be able to grow it in Vancouver. British Columbia is on the Pacific coast and has a MUCH milder climate than the rest of the country. It's the closest we have to northern California weather. Rains there a lot, too. How cool is this? I learned 2 really interesting facts about my own country from a South African! Got any more? I may have to research these things, they really have piqued my interest.

    • sixtyorso profile image

      Clive Fagan 

      11 years ago from South Africa

      ShiRley, the plugs on meters were supposed to be in a small town (Muskrat - I think) in Ontario but that was about 20 odd years ago. My source for this was a South African who emigrated to Canada. The wild rice story came to me from a Canadian living in Vancouver. Perhaps they were pulling my rather gullible leg?

    • Shirley Anderson profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Anderson 

      11 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      By the way, Sixty - you're right about the trout. Our northern lakes have some great fish and trout is one variety, both rainbow and lake. I've never been lucky enough to catch one, but I have managed to snag bass, which was very tasty.

    • Shirley Anderson profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Anderson 

      11 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Like, yeah, eh?

    • B.T. Evilpants profile image

      B.T. Evilpants 

      11 years ago from Hell, MI

      I didn't set any alarm! My hubber senses were tingling. They told me that Shirley had written another Canadian hub! Way cool, eh?

    • Shirley Anderson profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Anderson 

      11 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      You folks are up and at 'em early. Couldn't wait to read my hub, huh?

      Susan, it's tragic about the Aero, eh? Don't worry about the beret, it's tres francais so you're still good. I don't wear a hat of any description so it's me who's the bad Canuck.

      BT, I tried to find butter tarts or a book boasting a butter tart recipe for you, but Amazon has a shameful lack of such things. Perhaps a petition with all the hubbers' names on it would be effective in changing that. Yeah, I think Strange Brew may be a man's movie. It hits a little too close to home for me, I think I was married to one of these guys once.

      Sixtyorso, you know Bob & Doug McKenzie personally? I don't know of anyone who grows wild rice in this somewhat less than tropical climate, but my maternal grandpa did build my mother's cradle in the shed and it wouldn't fit through the door of the house in a blinding snowstorm on the Canadian prairies. I know it's not a boat, but I've only ever seen them built in garages. I've never seen plugs on parking meters, either. What province are we talking about? Must be those crazy westerners or in the Yukon. Freezing to death on highways that shut down due to bad winter weather is unfortunately, a reality. You always want to make sure you've got plenty of gas before heading out in the winter so you can run the heater off and on for hours, if necessary.

      Hey, thanks for setting your alarms to get up and read this! You guys are the best!

    • sixtyorso profile image

      Clive Fagan 

      11 years ago from South Africa

      Great Hub

      From my own experience I know that Canucks:-

      grow wild rice

      Build boats in their basements in the winter over a number of years and cannot get them out

      Close the airports when temperatures reach -24

      Freeze to death if their cars break down on a long trip in the winter.

      Have plugs for the heaters to keep the engine blocks from freezing with plug outlets in their homes and on parking meters

      But they are great people.

      Are great trout fishermen

      Great hub.

    • B.T. Evilpants profile image

      B.T. Evilpants 

      11 years ago from Hell, MI

      I also once heard that Uninvited Writer doesn't eat butter tarts! I think that's high treason!

      Bieng 50% Canadian, I own the movie, "Strange Brew". I still watch it a few times a year. Good times!

    • Uninvited Writer profile image

      Susan Keeping 

      11 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

      Ha, great hub! :)

      I'm a bad Canadian, I wear a beret, not a toque.

      They don't have Aero in the poor deprived muffins!


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