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Christmas Trees: Real or Fake?

Updated on November 28, 2011

Christmas Trees: Real or Fake?

This has always been a hot debate in my immediate circle. Should we have a real tree or a fake one? As a child growing up we never had a fake tree. We always had real ones

And we loved them. There is something about having the Tannenbaum in the House that makes it feel warm and inviting. But they are a pain to go out and buy. And usually I was the one who had to haul home whatever my Mother decided to pick out. Nothing like an 8 foot tree tied to the top of the station wagon to cause some major drag coefficient. And they aren’t exactly inexpensive. I think last year we spent $75 on a tree I didn’t consider a very good tree.

Inevitably we would have to put the tree in water and I would have to search the attic for the stand. Then I would have to position the tree straight while my Mother would tighten the screws into the tree.

What to Look for When Buying a Tree

One that is green, shaped well and full. The branches should be even . And you should be able to run our fingers down the branches without having the needles fall off. If the needles fall off the tree is dying. If you see brown on your tree where green should be that tree is dying. And your tree should smell fresh. You can tell just by smelling it.

I do buy the older trees and make homemade wreaths out of them but that again is another hub article and I make certain I get those trees for a very big discount.

Mistakes of Christmas Past

1- Once I filled the tree stand with water and put the tree in it. Buoyancy. Not a good idea. Fill the tree stand will water only after the tree is secured in it.

2- If you have pets always have a water bottle handy. I spray my with a mist of water regularly but I will never forget the Christmas the cat climbed the tree and knocked it over. After that if the cat went anywhere near the tree he got sprayed with water. Don’t bother calling the humane society the cat is long since deceased and dead cats tell not tales.

3) Decorate your tree with low heat or no heat light bulbs. Fires ruin holidays.

4) Keep the tree away from the fire place and make certain the house is at a reasonable temperature. Christmas trees tend to like it a little frosty so 68 degrees is perfect Christmas tree temperature.

5) Make certain you turn your Christmas lights off at night.

The Fake Tree

It is treason to admit this in my family but when I have been on my own I have embraced the idea of the fake tree. $30 and it comes in the box and out of the box. I was into it. If I really got melancholy I would spray the Pine Scent air freshener. So if you don’t have kids or the inclination to haul a tree and watch it die in your living room then embrace the fake tree. I have a not regretted it once.

In Conclusion

Whether you decide on a real tree which requires a bit of maintenance or the fake tree, it isn’t about the tree but about the spirit of Christmas being in your heart. And that is a mind set and not found in any decoration. You can be just as happy during this time just spending quality time with your family. But you have to make the conscious decision to appreciate the time you have during the holidays and make the most of it.

I have included an instructional video on caring for your Christmas Tree just in case you decide to got he real route and I forgot an important detail.

Happy Holidays.

How to Care for YOur Christmas Tree


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      I bet fake ones are more green. Thanks for reading and commenting my friend.


    • Lord De Cross profile image

      Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

      Nice one! Hate real ones..can't stand the odor. Great tip JT!