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Christmas in July...How did that get started and why?

Updated on July 28, 2013

Having a hot Christmas?

Did you ever wonder where the Holiday that makes no sense came from?


Christmas in July started in Brevard, N.C. at a girls camp and now is widely celebrated in Australia and New Zealand. In 1933 the counselors at Camp Keystone threw a big Christmas party for the girls there. It featured Santa and the whole nine yards. The Camp continued this tradition until the 1960s


Director Preston Sturgis made his film debut with the movie "christmas in July". That is when the Holiday gained national recognition.


Churches everywhere were celebrating this with services and special programs. This, ofcourse, caught the attention of the greeting card company and many retail stores.


It exploded when Frosty and Rudolf starred in a cartoon Christmas special in July.


Many stores have capitalized upon it, but this Holiday still has its root. Many camps across America honor Camp Keystone today, by decorating a tree, hanging stockings and celebrating the birth of God's greatest gift to Earth!

Do you have a Christmas in July story? I would love to hear it!


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