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Do The Christmas Shake

Updated on December 1, 2012

Update: Christmas Shake 2012

It's 2012 and they're doing the "Christmas Shake" again

Greg and Forest are at it again. They're stopping strangers in Downtown Cincinnati and asking them to shake a package for the 2012 version of their "Christmas Shake Rap" video.

Check out the photos of Cincinnati's Christmas Shakers on the Christmas Shake Fun Page on Facebook.

Go to Tunecore and download "Christmas Shake Rap" for free. Make your own "Christmas Shake" video, upload it to Youtube and post on the Christmas Shake Fun Page.

The Christmas Shake

What is the Christmas Shake?

You know how it is on Christmas morning. No matter how many times you shake those Christmas gifts, you'll never be able to figure out what's inside.

But you do it any way. You just do it. It's like a little dance

That's what The King of Cheesy Rap was thinking about when he did the "Christmas Shake" last year. The Human Puppet recruited skaters on Cincinnati's Fountain Square and they all did their version of the "Christmas Shake."

This year, he wants you to do the "Christmas Shake" too.

Do Your Own "Christmas Shake" Dance

-Go to

-Download the free "Christmas Shake" audio.

-Make up your own "Christmas Shake" dance.

-Upload it to Youtube, like the folks in the video below.

-Add the web address in the comments section so everybody can see.

Texas Does The Christmas Shake

A Different Kind of Christmas Shake With The Human Puppet

What Do You Get For Doing The "Christmas Shake?"

You get the fun of doing your own version of the "Christmas Shake" with you very own friends and family. In other words..... absolutely nothing.

Do the "Christmas Shake" anyway.... for the fun of it.

Look at these good Texas folks of all ages doing the "Christmas Shake." They are all having a good time. You can too.

Christmas Shake Poll

Can you do the "Christmas Shake?"

See results


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