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Easter Egg Treats

Updated on March 15, 2014

Choose from thousands of different Easter eggs!

Easter eggs are given as presents every Easter all over the world and symbolize Spring and new life. You often get a small yellow baby chicken toy or character on the egg packaging as well.

Most Easter eggs are chocolate, some with candy coatings and other sweets or chocolates inside. You can get so many different types of Easter eggs, and you will find that most department stores, supermarkets, and newsagents will sell them. What kind of eggs can you expect to find in the shops?

  • Small Eggs
  • Large Eggs
  • Mini Eggs In A Cup
  • Teddy and Eggs with Sweets inside
  • Easter egg hamper filled with different chocolates and sweets
  • Mini eggs in a basket with a baby chicken toy

You will also find specialist and toy character themes and designs when looking for Easter eggs to buy. You can get ones suited to your girlfriend or boyfriend, your kids, relations, and friends. For example there are different Easter themes and boxes from different chocolate brands like Cadburys, Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, Disney Princess, Micky Mouse and so on.

The Perfect Easter Egg Gift Basket

What do you need for your Easter Basket?

  1. Mini chocolate Easter eggs
  2. One large Easter egg of your choice
  3. One Easter bunny shaped chocolate egg
  4. One baby chicken small toy or themed egg
  5. Small porcelain, plastic or tin bucket with handle
  6. Small wooden raffia basket (you can use ones you get for plants as well)
  7. Some different colored pieces of shredded tissue paper or cut into thin strips
  8. Transparent cover eg. like the wrapping you get from flower shops

How to make a simple Easter Gift Basket:

  1. Mix the colored pieces of shredded paper.
  2. Place the large egg in the center and the bunny and baby chick on either side.
  3. Surround with mini chocolate Easter eggs in different colors.
  4. Cover with transparent cover and add a red or yellow bow and ribbon to the basket.

Free Video On How To Make An Easter Gift Basket

Cute Easter Egg Bunnies

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Where does the Easter bunny come from?

The Easter tradition of an Easter Bunny Rabbit comes from an old story about Spring and the change of season to the summer. The baby rabbit symbolizes new life just like with the duckling. That's why you'll find so many chocolate eggs in the shapes of bunnies.

The baby ducks and rabbits come with the change from Spring to Summer, with the flowers and new leaves on the trees.

One of the stories says how the bunny was sitting in a field in Spring and one of the sun rays caught him. As a result he became the Golden bunny and brought wealth to the farmers changing their dying crops to fresh new healthy ones. The Golden bunny is supposed to bring luck and money to anyone who sees him and has become a magical character over time.

Easter Egg Table Of Ideas

Easter Tradition
Easter Eggs
Popular Easter Chocolates
Easter eggs
Cadbury's Chocolates
Baby Chick
Mini eggs
Disney Princess
Easter Bunny
Painted Candy Eggs

Making Easter Creme Eggs On YouTube

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