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Fancy Dress Costumes: How To Make Your Own Big Daddy (From Kick-Ass) Costume From Home

Updated on November 2, 2011

Big Daddy was the eldest of the superhero's in Kick-Ass, which was released in early 2010. A great idea for a dress-up costume, you can easily create your very own Big Daddy costume!

Get into character and prepare to be a superhero, fighting off all bad that comes your way when you take on the persona of Big Daddy - Hit Girl's father. Just follow the steps and prepare to impress your friends!

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Begin by finding some clothing that is similar to the black costume that Big Daddy wears. This can be easily done by:

1. Get some leathers.

Leathers are always great for a superhero look. If you already own a pair of leathers, great. If not, try to look for a bargain!

2. Get a wet suit.

Wet suits or scuba suits are ideal for recreating a Big Daddy look.

3. Black trousers and black top.

This is a cheap, easy option because you probably already own a pair of black trousers and a black top!

Big Daddy shows authority with his black superhero cape, draping over his shoulders and blowing mysteriously in the wind. Recreate the look by:

1. Getting a trenchcoat.

This is probably the best option and they can be purchased for a good price if you shop wisely.

2. Get a cape.

Fancy dress stores will stock these.

3. Use a black bag.

Cut a black bag in half and use it as a cape! This is a cheap option, but it really can work.


The small accessories complete the look. These include the boots, the gloves and the belt.


- You probably already own a pair but if not, shop online for a bargain.


- Big Daddy wears black gloves. No matter what black gloves you find lying around the house, if they look okay then they should be fine!

Yellow Belt

- Look around your home for an old belt that you don't really use. Paint it yellow, add some decoration and you have your very own Big Daddy belt. Or why not customize it to your own taste?

Finally, the Mask!

The costume would not be as powerful without the mas. Big Daddy wore a mask, similar to that of batman. You can either buy your own online or in a fancy dress store, or make your own!

Make your own mask.

1. Start by using some cardboard and cutting out holes for eyes. Cut it so that it stops just below the nose. (Don't forget to cut out breathing holes!)

2. Add some more cardboard to cover the top and back of head. It may help to paper mache the cardboard, so that it is strong!

3. Paint the paper mached mask black.

Mission Complete!

If your mission is not complete and you'd rather buy a ready-made Big Daddy costume from Kick-Ass, check out these websites!


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    • The Odd Spartan profile image

      Christopher Rago 6 years ago from Hamilton, NJ

      Cool hub! This movie was amazing and such a great character Big Daddy is. Up/awesome