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Fun Lamps Make Interesting Gifts

Updated on February 1, 2015
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Lamps Make Great Gifts

Are you shopping for the person that has everything? Are you searching for a fun gift that is not too expensive? Why not buy a lamp for your friend? Lamps are reasonably inexpensive and look great in just about any room. If your friend or family member already has a certain color scheme, just find something that matches the look. Of course, you don't want to just buy any lamp. A fun lamp makes a fun gift.

There are many different types of lamps on the market now. When buying a cute lamp for a friend, I recommend going with something small that can easily sit on a table. Unless your friend or family member specifically states he or she wants a floor lamp, avoid getting a floor lamp. They do tend to take up a lot of space.

When buying a lamp, try to get something that matches their personality. There are plenty of fun, whimsical lamps for children and teenagers. You can also get something groovy like a lava lamp for your retrofabulous friends. Never forget, you can get a plasma lamp for males and science fans. You may even have a friend that collect novelty items, like lamps. Your only problem with finding a fun lamp to purchase will be narrowing it down because of so much variety.

Groovy Lamps

Some lamps are just relaxing to watch. You can have some retro fun all over again with lava lamps and fiberoptic lamps. Yes, both still exist and both are pretty reasonably priced.

If you would like to get something funky and fun for a teenager, these are great options. If you have friends that enjoy a "retro look" at their home, they would totally appreciate these lamps, too. Maybe you just enjoy the relaxing look of the lamps. They are fun for all ages and a great gift idea.

Lamps for Science Enthusiasts

Plasma balls or static lamps have been around for a while. This particular type of lamp is really interesting because it can "interact" with you. If you put your hand on the ball, the static will strike your hand. If you play music or have other loud sounds, the static will "dance" in the ball. These lamps are actually really quite mesmerizing and can be plenty of fun for everyone.

Be warned, you may want to just get your own for your home and not touch the lamps at the store too much. If you do, grab some antibacterial lotion for afterwards. Those lamps are full of germs and I still blame at least one case of the flu on those lamps.

Lamps for Teens

Teenagers can be difficult as far as buying gifts. They are often a picky bunch and would rather just have cash most of the time. If you want to buy a fun gift for a teen, naturally a fun and interesting novelty lamp is the way to go. Most teens would enjoy any of the previously listed lamps. However, some teens might like something a little funky.

Wild prints and vivid colors are very much in style right now. Always look to see what type of color scheme or style the teen has in his or her room already. Then look for something that will compliment it. Many teens have animal print items and would enjoy more items that are the same. Some teenagers may appreciate a fun, dim light that absolutely does not look like a nightlight, but still serves that purpose.

Lamps for Children

Of course, when it comes to fun, you think of children. Kids obviously are looking for something fun to watch at night in their bedrooms. Many children are not too fond of the dark, and a dim novelty lamp is really helpful.

For children, you never want to get anything too mature. You also don't want to get an item that is hot to the touch or easy to break. There are a number of great lamps on the market for children that are specific to their bedrooms. For the child that has everything, this could be your best gift option.

Christmas Story Leg Lamp

We all have that one family member or friend (maybe more) that is in love with A Christmas Story, and most of all, in love with the Christmas Story Leg Lamp. There was a time not so long ago when you could not buy a leg lamp at any stores. I know, what a terrible time for our society! Thankfully, all that has changed now.

Now you can have your choice of a number of different leg lamp options. You can even throw it in a box marked "fragile." This will surely bring hours of joy to your friends and family.

Even if you think it is difficult to shop for your friends and family members, hopefully you can get some inspiration from this hub. After all, lamps can make a very practical gift. If you buy the right lamp, it can also be a really fun gift. Most homes can benefit from an extra lamp or two. You may also find that some folks like to collect them just as I do.


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