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Gift Giving Ideas

Updated on April 29, 2013
Digital photo frames make a great gift.
Digital photo frames make a great gift.

Choosing Gifts Is Fun

Choosing a gift for friends or loved ones is something that should be a pleasure – not a chore. If you find that you dread having to pick out gifts then here are a few tips for you that should help you turn gift selection into an enjoyable experience.

First of all, think about the types of gifts that you enjoy receiving yourself. Personally, I enjoy getting something that I probably wouldn’t buy for myself. Possibly something which, although I quite like it, is slightly frivolous, overpriced or impractical. Maybe even something that is a fad – but definitely something that I couldn’t justify buying for myself.

It’s also nice when it’s obvious that a little thought has gone into the gift selection. If, for example, your gift’s intended recipient has commented that they like something – possibly something they saw on TV or whilst shopping – that’s a good starting point. Or maybe you know that they have a particular hobby or interest – choose a gift related to that. They won’t be disappointed if you get them something they already have, a “doubler”. The fact that you put a bit of thought into it – it’s the thought that counts as they say – will be a huge plus point.

Personalised gifts are always good. When I was young I used to get a box of pencils every Christmas with my name on each one. I thought these were great. They had to be ordered up well in advance and delivered by mail, but I didn’t know that then. Today, thanks to computers and the internet you can get all sorts of personalised items delivered in a matter of days.

You can get calendars, coffee mugs, posters, bottles of champagne – all with your personal message and the recipient’s name writ large. Everybody likes to see their name in lights after all.

You can produce your own customised gifts as well – and without the need to get all arty and crafty (though you can do this if you like of course). One of the most popular gifts today is the digital photo frame – and the reason for its popularity is that it is so easy to customise. All you have to do is load a few photos which will mean something to the receiver – children, spouses, family pets, friends, special places – any you’ve got yourself a great personalised gift. They’ll love it and they’ll thank you.

More traditional personalised gifts work just as well of course. A standard photo frame with an inscribed name or message on it will always be well received. Just as for the digital variety you could consider mounting a photo in it to make it even more personal. Glassware with etched messages are nice if you know their taste and, you could even have a favourite verse etched into it.

Buying for children is easy. If their parents won’t like it then they will This is especially good fun for aunts and uncles who are getting their own back for years of noisy, messy and generally destructive toys. Of course, after about 14 years of age, most children seem to prefer monetary gifts these days. Obviously this reduces the opportunity to get back at their parents – but including the address of a good tattoo and body piercing salon in the card, possibly even a discount coupon, can help restore the balance somewhat.

At the end of the day, gift giving should be fun. It’s better to give than receive – a cliché, but true nonetheless. Keep the receipt, or ask for an unpriced gift receipt and you can’t really go wrong. Don't sweat it.


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