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Gift Ideas for Designers

Updated on April 8, 2015

Gift Ideas For Designers

Web designers and graphic designers are people who are not so picky with whatever gifts they receive; just as long as there is a gift, it is fine by them. However, they are also one of the hardest people to find gifts for. Why? Because you usually do not know what to give their high-tech selves, or even if you know, the costs of such gifts would sometimes turn you off.

You may have thought of buying him the latest in season wears, or buying him the latest gadgets around. Well, you are very generous if that is the case. But, would he really need a fashionable dress to work and perform his daily routine? No. Most web and graphic designers often do not have the time to parade themselves outside of their workroom/computer room for them to use the suit that you bought. Moreover, it is only very seldom that you see a web and graphic designer wear such designer clothes. Often times they only wear simple shirts and jackets because they want the maximum comfort when going to work. Do they need the latest in technology? Probably yes. But this depends upon what gadget or device you are going to buy. It is best that you buy gifts that would really fit into his lifestyle.

But, worry no more because you will soon find some amazing gifts for these multimedia geeks. These gift items range from simple statement shirts to the latest high-tech device mania. Get your pen and paper ready to list all gift items you like.

Gifts for Designers

Designers are professional and creative
Designers are professional and creative | Source

Veer – “Creatives Understand” T-Shirt

This high-quality simple black t-shirt with the words “Creatives Understand” written on white paint on it is very comfortable. As you know by now, multimedia designers like to wear comfortable clothes, so the Veer t-shirt is a perfect fit. Designed to follow the natural contour of your body, you would not look dumb in this shirt. In fact, the shirt has the effect of increasing your credibility. Gift wrap this shirt now for only $22.00 USD.

App Pillows

Sometimes, it can be pretty tiring just sitting there playing with the computer mouse and typing away in the keyboard or even just looking at the screen trying to figure out design is better. In these occasions, it is better if they have some fluffy pillows. Give them app pillows as a gift. These pillows are a simple square shape and have the letters like Ps (Photoshop), AE (After Effects), and two more application letters embroidered on its surface. Furthermore, these pillows will only cost you $15.00 USD.

The Smashing Book

Since the person you are going to give the gift to is a web or graphic designer, The Smashing Book is a good gift to give. This book is one of the best designer aid books available today. Give this book now for only $30.00 or less.

Digital Arts Subscription

Digital Arts is a magazine made for designers made by designers. One of the best designer magazines around today, a subscription to it would only cost $195.00 USD a year and in a way help the person you are going to give it. Each magazine issue contains a CD which contains demos and freebies like stock photos, vectors, and fonts; this will surely help the lucky designer.

Field Notes Notebooks

Even though it is not high-tech in every way, this is still a good gift to give to designers. These notebooks can be used to take down notes in an interview, for data gathering, task management, and idea sketches. Moreover, designers can write all their ideas down in a simple and clean notebook. The Field Notes will only cost you around $10.00 USD.

Technology Gifts Rock

Technology makes designer's lives easier
Technology makes designer's lives easier | Source

Woodgrain Portfolio

The Woodgrain Portfolio is a stylish paper design carrying tool. Turn heads in the office with this cherry veneer covered aluminium portfolio. Very helpful in holding paper pages which contain the designer’s precious designs. For a price of $179.00 USD, you can have one of these.

Wacom Tablet

Though there are many tablets around today, nothing can beat the Wacom when it comes to providing graphic design aid for graphic designers. This computer input device will render digital illustrations using only a pen and a drawing pad. Get this now for only $200.00 USD.

USB Coffee Heater

Long and stressful nights are almost a daily occurrence in the graphic design world. Usually, to keep awake, designers rely on a heavy dose of coffee. But this coffee sometimes would cool down faster because of the colder temperature of the night office. This is why this USB coffee heater is also a nice gift option. Just plug it to the USB port of any computer and you now have a coffee (or any drinks) heater. Buy this for only $9.00 USD.

Coffee - A Tool of the Trade



Designers often times do their work with one computer and then transfer it to another computer. This can be an opportunity for giving the designer a thumb drive. Ironkey is one of the most secure portable USB drives around. Ironkey will secure the data put inside it by the designer and make sure that virus infection would not happen. For only $79.00 USD, you can already have a gift to give.

Apple Macbook Pro 17 Inch

Apple is known throughout the designer world to be a multimedia monster. Powered by a 2.4 GHz processor, this sleek 17 inch laptop will provide a good mobile office for any designer. The Macbook is known to work like a charm when it comes to multimedia functions like image editing, video editing, web designing and even game editing. Moreover, the Apple technology will provide designers that additional juice to keep the laptop on for a longer period of time. However, Apple is also known throughout the world to be a bit on the expensive side. So, if you have an extra $2,799 and if the designer really means something to you, you can go ahead and give this to him as a gift from the heart.

Many more items can be made as a gift for web and graphic designers. However, just to make sure that the item you are going to buy would really be used, observe or ask the person first if he has the desired gift item.

Sketching on a Wacom Tablet


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    • shai77 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Everyone's needs can be different, so it's great that our options keep growing, isn't it? That's what's so wonderful about technology-- it's always trying to fill more needs. Thanks so much for your comments, and thanks for your votes!

    • dwachira profile image

      [ Danson Wachira ] 

      5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Hi shai77,

      I am not a Web designer or so much into techie business but as a hubber, i have found myself wanting that Notebook in some instances. I agree, Field Notes Notebooks can be a useful gift for these people. Voted up and useful.

    • shai77 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank you Reynold Jay :-)

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 

      7 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      Nicely written.Up one and awesome. RJ


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