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Gift Ideas for Serious and Fun Photographers

Updated on November 30, 2012
Lens Cups -- great gift idea.
Lens Cups -- great gift idea. | Source

As you may know, photographers love their stuff. They may be picky with equipment, and you may not want to venture into buying such in the case where you’re not sure. It may be better to stick with items that you know will make that lucky photographer glow with excitement on seeing them.

Photography Souvenirs, Cups and Mugs

Lens Cups and Mugs: What excitement it can bring when he/she drinks coffee out of their favorite lens! Make sure to find out what that favorite lens is. Furthermore, make sure the lens cup is in the right brand. It doesn't make sense to give a Canon Lens cup when your loved photographer uses Nikon.

Lens Bracelet: Give your photographer their favorite lens specs on a bracelet.

Camera Flashdrives: A small and attractive token it is of a USB flashdrive designed in the form of a camera.

Film Roll Magnets: Although most photographers shoot digital nowadays, film rolls still have an appeal. These can be used on the fridge and are quite nice to look at.

Camera Coin Bank: Put money into the lens! It looks just like a D-SLR with a lens attached. The particular bank shown is Canon, so this may only suit your photographer if they shoot Canon.

Photography Accessories as Gifts

Apart from souvenirs and items unusable in the actual picture making process, you can get certain accessories that your photographer can use in the craft.

Memory Cards: A photographer can never really have too much of these. Find out if he/she uses CF or SD cards and buy accordingly. It’s better to buy the cards with a higher class number, but you can always check to see what your photographer uses.

Camera Strap: Probably he/she has a generic strap that came with the D-SLR. You can give him/her a neck strap that suits the personality. Every photographer wants to feel unique in his/her work, and why not have the look of uniqueness too in terms of equipment.

White Balance Card: These are greatly essential for photographers to get exposure and color balanced. It’s hard to go wrong with getting one of these for your photographer if he/she doesn’t already have one.

Web Gallery and Magazine Subscriptions As Gifts for Photographers

Magazine Subscriptions: Your photographer may love you for this, because no matter how long he/she has been doing photography there’s always some new trick to learn. Furthermore, magazines may open up particular opportunities for equipment deals and competition entries. This may be a gift with a positive domino effect.

Online Gallery subscriptions: Free accounts are limited with the number of photos that can be uploaded along with other features. By upgrading or subscribing an account, the features will be greatly unleashed. Flickr and 500px are popular ones that your photographer may enjoy.

Tons More Gift Ideas For Photographers

There are tons more gift ideas that you can consider getting for your treasured photographer, but these listed are some of the most popular. It may not be easy getting equipment purchases unless you know his/her wish list, so it may be better to stay away from that. Other than that, souvenirs, accessories and subscriptions are the safest and even more fun way to go.


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