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Good Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls: Affordable and Expensive Presents That Teen Girls Love

Updated on April 9, 2018

Choosing Gifts for Teenage Girls

Although everyone has their unique personalities and favorite hobbies, most teenage girls are very similar with regards to their likes and dislikes. Granted there are many differences in interests between younger and older teenage girls, there are still many similarities in their likes and dislikes as well.

Everyone has their own personal style and unique tastes but there are some items that are enjoyed by the majority of teenage girls. This hub will help to give some gift ideas that can suit a variety of budgets.

Gift Ideas

Depending on the occasion and how much you are looking to spend, there are a variety of gift options for teenage girls. You do not necessarily have to purchase a gift, you can create one yourself that would be just as special if not more.

Some gifts you can create on your own:

Craft a bouquet of flowers
Paint or draw a picture
Write a poem about your relationship
Create a scrapbook and have some friends or family add to it
Create a webpage dedicated to the person

Check out the suggestions below and maybe they can help you find a good gift or inspire your imagination to help find one that's better suited for the receiver.

Gift Card

This may be perceived as a generic gift but if a good gift card is given, the majority of people will have a use for it. If you give a gift card, try to make it for a store that you know the person frequents or for a website such as where a variety of items are sold and could be used by anyone.

Other ideas for gift cards:

The movies
Sephora (
Fast Food or Dining

Cash Money

Some may think that giving cash appears like not a lot of thought was put into the gift but this is not always true. Everyone can use cash to purchase what they actually want or need. Some people have needs or wants in which they don't vocalize and cash can come in very handy. If you wanted to make cash giving a little more personal you can give the cash along with something else like a poem, a cookie or cake with the person's name on it, or other small gift.


Piggy Bank

There are so many styles of piggy banks to choose from, you no longer have to go with the standard pig-shaped ones. However, those are still very cute and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

You can find them in most department stores and online. To add a little bonus, put some money inside.


Personalized Items

(Cost Varies) - Some things can be personalized and make for very nice gifts. You can find an engraver, a photo shop or other outlet that personalizes objects and get something like a mug, a set of pens, a key chain, or other item with the person's name on it.


Candies or Treats

Some people have a favorite candy or snack and it can make a great gift if you know what someone's favorite is. Even if you don't know someone's favorite, you use several types of candies and/or treats to create a small candy gift set or candy collection. You can even purchase decorated boxes or bags for your candy.

Beauty Products

You can purchase single items or sets of items such as nail polish, lip gloss, full makeup kits, body lotions, bubble baths, hair accessories.

Beauty products can be found just about anywhere. Try Walmart or a drugstore. Online shopping is really good for beauty products because you can often find less expensive items and items that are more difficult to find in the stores. Plus, you have a much larger selection when shopping online.

Specialty or Handmade Soaps

Technically this item could fall under the beauty products category but you can enjoy scented soaps, or handcrafted soaps without being a fan of beauty products.

Everyone an enjoy a nice smelling soap that leaves their skin feeling soft and moisturized. There are so many options to choose from. There are organic soaps, scented soaps, soaps with natural ingredients, soaps made with olive oil, honey, and the list goes on. Try a little gift pack if you're undecided so that way you can try a few of them out.



Even if a person doesn't read much there are books that anyone can enjoy. Coffee table books, or books that are easy to walk away from and pick up to read at any convenient time are always a good choice. For instance, cooking books, history books, or other informative books can be useful and enjoyable to have. If you know the receiver of you gift is a reader, you can choose to introduce them to a new author they may enjoy.


Most girls love flowers and love to receive flowers. They do not have to come from a romantic partner, anybody can give and receive flowers. They can be very inexpensive or very expensive depending on the types of flowers you get and where you buy them from. Typically, purchased flower bouquets will last at least a week if kept in water.


Pajamas and/or Slippers

Comfortable pajamas and slippers can make anyone happy. There are some slippers with fun designs that would make a great gift. You can even throw in a comfy blanket if you wanted to make it a sleeping gift set of sorts.

Craft Kits

Crafts are fun at all ages and there are sooo many to choose from. Craft kits make it easy to get all of the supplies you need for a particular craft, and often you would have never thought to create one. Even people that aren't into a particular craft can have fun with these.

Some craft kits ideas include:

Bracelet kits
Blanket-making kits
Doll or Stuffie making kits
Stained glass art kits
Key chain making kits

Autograph of Other Memorabilia

If the teenage girl whom you are purchasing a gift for is a fan of a particular celebrity or athlete, you can attempt to find an autograph picture or other form of memorabilia from that person.


Puzzles are a lot of fun to put together. They can take a lot of time so it's important to have room or get something to store your puzzle.

It's a very relaxing hobby for a teenage girl, or anyone for that matter. You can also frame them when you're done and use it as nice wall art.


The prices for this vary significantly but different types of jewelry is always an option. You may not want to get something too personal or nontraditional if you are spending a lot of money on this. As well, be careful with buying rings because it may not fit the finger of the receiver. One idea could be to get them a chain or charm bracelet with their initial on it.

Spa Day

Most girls would love a spa day even if they've never had the opportunity to enjoy one before. There are a lot of things you can do in a spa. You can have a massage, get your hair cut or styled, have a manicure, pedicure, or have a facial among other things.

Depending on your budget and the type of spa you choose, there are a lot of options for services to choose from.

Just make sure they have a way to get to and home from the spa!


Wrapping or Displaying the Gift

Wrapping or displaying your gift nicely can make for a very pleasurable experience when the receiver gets it and opens it. Take a little bit of time to present your gift well. Depending on the gift you are giving, you can be creative with your ideas.

You can choose to wrap a gift in pretty paper with a bow, place it in a box and wrap the box if that is easier, purchase a gift bag and wrapping tissue, present it as a treasure hunt where the receiver must follow clues in order to find the gift, write a thoughtful card or letter to give along with the gift, and the list goes on.

Presenting the gift in a unique, pretty, or fancy way can enhance the whole experience for the receiver.

Gifts to Stay Away From!

It isn't always a bad idea to try to make a gift special, but sometimes

There are some gifts that you may wish to stay clear of buying, particularily if you do not know the person's personal tastes very well. Although it really is always the thought that counts, certain gifts may be too personal. Some people can feel bad if they don't enjoy the gift they are given and you may have put a lot of thought into it. The two major items that are often given as gifts and typically should not be are CLOTHING (except for accessories or sleepwear), PERFUMES, MUSIC (unless you know for certain which artists they are into), and PETS. Clothing styles and perfume or fragrance tastes are very personal things and individuals vary greatly in their likes and dislikes of these items. Pets are also a very personal thing. Although many people will bond with almost any animal given to them, some people prefer to choose their own pet. As well, some people cannot care for a pet that is given to them even if the intentions behind the gift were good.

These items are not necessarily bad gifts, you just may be taking a risk that the item might not suit the receiver's particular taste.


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    • rutley profile image


      6 years ago from South Jersey

      Voted up and nice job on this hub! Happy writing!


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