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Best Hiding Places For Christmas Presents.

Updated on January 17, 2012

Great Hiding Places From the Holiday Snoops

I don’t know if you have snoops in your house but I have always lived with them. Snoops are people who can’t restrain themselves from playing detective and finding their gifts before Christmas. And my family makes Sherlock Holmes look like a bumbling ignoramus. My snoops are the snoopiest when it comes to play Christmas gift seek and find.

So every year I have to find really creative places to hide the gifts.

If you don’t have a snoop in your home then you don’t suffer this challenge each year so count your blessings. But for us it has become a game of me being able to out wit the family. I recently lost my Mom and my son is no fun this way. He is endlessly happy with one gift and if we give him 12 which is about all he receives but only one or two really good ones, it can take him all year to open his presents. What inevitably happens is he opens one gift and then plays with it. Or in the case of a book sits down and reads it. Only when he is finished does he move to the next present.

So my son is not a snoop sadly but the rest of my family has always been. But now that they are gone I can give away some of my best hiding places. And for those of you who are reading this to glean ideas to snoop. Stop being a nosy parker!! You will ruin your holiday surprises if you succeed!

The Car

I live in Florida. You can’t do anything without a car in Florida and I make certain I am the only person with access to my car. So my trunk is always a great place for me to hid gifts. It is simple, practical and efficient.

At the Office

I usually have my own office and I am not required to share. Besides the janitor which I always buy a present for I lock my gifts up in my office. Now I have had family members stop by the office so the gifts are usually locked up in a cabinet or closet in my office.

In The Clutter Closet

For the life of me my family has always treated me like I am the maid. Goodness knows they would never clean out anything let alone the clutter closet. The clutter closet is the closet where everything gets thrown and no one ever cleans it out. Eventually it becomes a void in the time space continuum in which it becomes sealed from the existence of the house. As cluttered as that closet is no one can find anything and therefore it makes the perfect hiding place.

The Pantry or the Pan Island

Another void in the time space continuum is the Pantry or Pan Island. Only I could ever enter into those places as no one else wanted to cook and pretend to be helpless so I would have to fix them meals. The pantry was were the food was kept that I had to prepare for my family each day. I was given this task because only I could make food. So it made the perfect hiding place for gifts. And then we had an island in the middle of the kitchen in which pans were kept. And definitely no one wanted to go into the island. These made great hiding places from the snoops because while the snoops had ambitions to find their gifts they were still too lazy to prepare themselves a meal.

Fitness Room

I have never had a Fitness room as it was never really required. A life fully lived requires quite enough exercise. But it always amazed me at how many people had fitness rooms that never ever used them. That would seem to be the perfect place to hide gifts.

In Conclusion

These are only a few of my hiding places. I have much better ones but in the event my family ever comes to read this article I still have to maintain my best hiding places from them. But this articles provides you with a general idea how to elude the Christmas’s snoops. Simply hide it under their nose and they will be so busy looking they will never find their gifts.

Happy Holidays.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Debbie,

      My son is never a snoop ether but my Mother always was. Nosebagging, I love this term. I shall have to use it.

      Good for you!! You either have super clever children of super obeident. You are way ahead of all of us.

      Happy Holidays my friend!!


    • debbie roberts profile image

      Debbie Roberts 6 years ago from Greece

      Luckily we don't have snoops in the house - or they are very good!! It would never occur to my son to go nosebagging, as we call it and I'm sure that my daughter dosen't as I think it has sunk in that she will only ruin the surprise for herself and she does seem horrified when her friends tell her they nosebag.

      Saying that she has probably got her friends to do the dirty work for her!!

      A good hub for those people who suffer with snoopers.

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hello Mary615,

      I have hidden gifts so well I have lost them as well. Now I keep a count. Thank you for reading and providing feedback.


    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 6 years ago from Florida

      When my kids were small, I would hide their gifts. Sometimes I'd forget about them, and find them in the spring when I cleaned. Good Hub.

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks GoodLady I thinnk we all go through this.


    • GoodLady profile image

      Penelope Hart 6 years ago from Rome, Italy

      Nice one!

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      A good lesson for all the snoops out there. Thanks for ontributing.


    • LindaSmith1 profile image

      LindaSmith1 6 years ago from USA

      Years ago, after stopping to babysit for a lady, she got new sitter. The xmas presents had disappeared. Her kids had found them, went to hide them again by putting them in the hallway. They thought it was a closet. Well, it was a chute that took the presents right down to the furnace to be burned.

      We just opened ours up and rewrapped them.