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How to make handmade chocolate gifts

Updated on November 11, 2014

How to make a chocolate pizza

Is it time to celebrate a special day and send the perfect gift? Is it a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or you just want to let someone know how special they are? Do you send flowers, treat them to a spa day, make a handmade card, give breakfast in bed or just pick up the ‘phone or spend some time together, going shopping or watching a good film?

Other ideas for gifts might include her favourite perfume, jewellery, a magazine subscription, cooking tools, slippers, crazy pyjamas, the latest technical gadget or a case or cover for it, a digital photoframe with her favourite pictures in it, accessories or clothes, a bottle of fine wine, a meal out with the family.

But there is one gift that never fails; that is something that will involve chocolate. A special treat that lets you indulge yourself and tell yourself you've earned it.

The best gifts of all are the handmade ones, so why not watch the videoclips at the end for some great tips on how to make your own chocolate-inspired gifts.

If you are buying for someone who loves to share a passion for chocolate with those nearest and dearest to her why not treat them to a good cookery book so they can enjoy making special recipes to share?

For those who are health-conscious and find chocolate too sugary, you can still allow yourself a little indulgence by sprinkling cocoa powder over a selection of fresh fruit, for a healthy treat that has a hint of naughtiness. Why not treat someone to a chocolate fountain and some nice red strawberries to dip into the melted chocolate that all the family can dip into and enjoy together as the centrepiece for the after-dinner table.

If your family like to treat themselves to hot chocolate drinks to warm up on cold wintry days, maybe a chocolate drinks-machine would be appreciated by all the family?

There are some fantastic novelty chocolate gifts available, from chocolate bouquets that look every bit as splendid as a huge bouquet of flowers, but can be eaten. How extravagant is that! Chocolate pizzas are always scrummy, or even a chocolate pizza making kit and have some fun making it together (and eating it together too!).

Maybe you're thinking you shouldn't encourage a calorific treat? Choose a chocolate-scented novelty gift such as pencils, shampoo or candles. Chocolate pamper kits for the bath can include chocolate smelling soap, bubble bath or body lotion.

Why not enjoy watching the excellent film “Chocolat”, with something to chew over whilst you’re watching, or buy the book it is based on. If you fancy something more light-hearted, go for the original film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or the more recent “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

If you are buying this present for a real chocolate connoisseur, try treating her to some of the best organic chocolates on the market. There is some very useful informative information on organic chocolate here. It is thought that the epicatechin and gallic acid found in dark chocolate, with a high content of cocoa solids (European laws stipulate a minimum of 35%) has cardio-protective properties, and eaten in daily small amounts may reduce the risks of a heart attack (but this has not been scientifically proven). You could get some really top quality chocolates in a personalised wooden box like these.

You could also consider a chocolate flavoured liqueur for a present for the chocoholic person in your life. Delicious as an after-dinner drink on its own, it can also be added to coffee for extra taste or added to desserts when baking.

If you’re really starting to feel a little overwhelmed now, just do the time-honoured tradition of buying a big box of chocolates made for sharing.

Chocolat Book

Chocolat DVD

How to make a chocolate mousse

Enjoy watching Chocolat together, with a big box of chocolates!

Bath Treats - how to make chocolate soaps and bath yummies


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