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Great X-mas gifts for 2014!

Updated on December 11, 2014

What to get this year and what's hot!

Every year there is all sorts of stress and pressure as Hanukkah and Christmas approach. It shouldn't be that way but yet, it always is! Here are some ideas that hopefully will help relieve the pressure... for those who do not want to give the same old gift, like pink flamingos, and fruit cakes!

NOTE- Cordial cherries are nice but now they have cordial blueberries! I have tried them and they are awesome!

You know the people you are shopping for, I do not. But, this will hopefully spark some ideas for you!

Gift Cards- These used to be considered "cop outs". Now there are cards for everything from movie theaters, to snack shops, to any type of store and most activity/sports centers. If the gift card fits the person, I say, why not! However, if that just isn't your style, try some of these.

First, What's hot this year- Anything Angry Birds! For what ever reason they are still huge in 2012, and even grocery stores are carrying their merchandise. Night Sky in My Room- This has a projector that turns any bedroom into a dark night filled with shooting stars, planets and quasars, for only $20.00. Leap Frog is always a winner with the age appropriate group too.

Toddlers- This group is easy! Knitted hats with characters that dangle down the side, stuffed animals that talk or play music, beach balls with cartoon characters on them, etc. Also, try the retro toys like glow worms, trains, and cartoons on dvd.

Kids 4-7- Educational/Musical games and videos. Also, school accessories with Muppets or any "cool" character will be a hit. I also like science projects like volcanoes, frog and butterfly "hatching" kits, etc. for this age group!

Kids 8-10-Personalized stuffed animals. You can have a stuffed animal that looks like you and wears a replica of your favorite shirt! Sports equipment with a character or sports star on it is always a hit!

Kids 11-13-Fyr Flyz Blue Angel. This is a very cool new toy that shoots out led beams of multiple colors. it is pretty high tech and only $20.

Teens-Clutches for the girl on the go. A small, new type of stylish purse for girls. Comes in different shapes and colors. A pet rabbit or gerbil for the "responsibility takers" in the family are great ideas too. Sports equipment and music always works as well.

Young adults-Snow goggles with built in video camera. $250.00 will get you this cool gift and tons of videos !Great for skiing and snombiling. What will they think of next? Anything educational that appears to making learning fun, is a big hit as well. Remember this age group is making a very important transition.

Adults- Wii is always fun. There are a lot of accessories as well as games! Kitchen and cooking supplies work too. I love my Magic Bullet and it makes a great gift! Hobby supplies are useful and also say that you are paying attention to them and their likes. Try snow shoes for those that want to get into shape!

New Parents- Little Bowls and accessories with animals and cartoon characters on them. Instruction books are good. Anything about their baby...because that's who life is all about now! Also, try a coupon package for a night out. Dinner and a movie or concert is always nice!

Married Couples-Awkward Family Photos-The board game looks like a lot of fun this year. I stay away from sex related gifts. Sometimes funny, sometimes not. Why risk it?

Senior Citizens-Medical supplies are necessary but can be depressing. Also, too many people give photos of their kids to the elderly. And absolute no, no! This is Christmas man! Think happy, think positive! Don't think generic. If you give them a movie, don't make it "Its a Wonderful Life" or " A Christmas Story". Think original, like Reel Steel, Enchanted, We bought a Zoo, or even water for Elephants. Anything that is moving, or a feel good movie, that they have not yet seen, will be loved. Tee-shirts with a picture of them and a grandchild/grandchildren, with a nice phrase written on it, always works. Decorations or Christmas Music are good too. Netflix is always nice for seniors that like movies.

Wealthy friends and families- If you have no money than try this. It may sound crazy, but will work! If they own a business or are known for something, like a charity or writing etc. build them a page on several social networks. Its easy, free, and helpful! If you make something that is really good, like fudge or whatever, that makes a nice gift. Also, try "gag" gifts that are inexpensive and fun.TIP*Unless you know their favorite genres and you know they have not bought something, then do not get them any art, music, movies, or electronics devises. Why? They already have it, or it won't fit their style.

Good luck, have fun this year, and remember why we do this in the first place!


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    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 

      9 years ago from California

      Excellent ideas.


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