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HalloWeekends - Halloween at Cedar Point

Updated on September 10, 2010

If you want to experience the best Halloween party in the mid-west, check out HalloWeekends - the Halloween party at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. To me, Cedar Point is the best amusement park in the world with its collection of thrills and attractions for all ages. Where else can you find 17 world class roller coasters in one place?

Check out my other hub on the various rides and tips on Cedar Point for more information on cedar point rides and tickets.

Halloweekends at Cedar Point is a lot of fun, and there is so much to do in the park. It's the Midwest's premiere family-friendly Halloween event! Kids will find not-so-scary fun like their own fun house, shows that will induce smiles, the Monster Midway Invasion Celebration Parade and more. Adults will get the in-your-face scares they crave in three haunted houses and four haunted outdoor walk-through attractions.

For intense Halloween fun, visit four terrifying haunted walk-throughs, where gruesome Screamsters stalk the fog-shrouded midways and explore three creepy haunted houses. You can also experience live musical shows touched by the supernatural; visit attractions designed just for young children, including the Magical House on Boo Hill; see monsters and other costumed characters roaming the midways; and enjoy spooky and silly Halloween decorations.

Check out Official website for halloween nights at Cedar Point for current promotions and hours.

Halloween at cedar point
Halloween at cedar point

Dates and Hours of HalloWeekends:


Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays, Sept. 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 and Oct. 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25 and 26, 31 and November 1 and 2.

Hours: During HalloWeekends, Cedar Point will be open

Friday nights: from 6pm to midnight;

Saturdays: from noon to midnight;

Sundays: from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

HalloWeekends Ticket prices

Admission to HalloWeekends is free with ADMISSION to Cedar Point theme park. All Halloweekends shows and attractions are included with the regular park admission price. It is a great time to enjoy Halloween at Cedar Point.

Regular Adult ticket prices: $44

Regular junior/senior ticket prices: $20

There are all kinds of discounts and packages available that you should look for in the local magazines and flyers to save money. I have seen many $8 off admission prices in the free booklets that are found at stores and libraries.

Halloweekend at Cedar Point

Halloweekend at Cedar Point
Halloweekend at Cedar Point

Attractions and Shows during HalloWeekends at Cedar Point

Attractions can vary from year to year as Cedar Point park expands on popular haunts. Some of the popular attractions:

Club Blood: Head out to Club Blood and "take a bite" out of your nightlife! Dance to the fresh beats, stylish atmosphere and see the most exotic (and demented) club-goers around. Although this club is open late, some patrons refuse to leave this happening place.

Undertaker U.: This mortuary science haunted house has been one of the park's most popular attractions. Higher education was never this creepy. This semester, the U. has been given a little extra "kick" to help you ace that final exam.

Pharaoh's Secret: The cold, silent darkness of the tomb is waiting for those who dare to investigate its ancient curse. Located in the same building as the Disaster Transport roller coaster, this haunted tomb conceals a frightening pharaoh curse.

Terror Island: Inhabited by pirates and mermaids. Pirates whose ships sank under the most mysterious of circumstances come back to dwell on this hidden island beneath Millennium Force. Arrrrrrr you brave enough? Land-lubbers can walk the plank onto this newly-discovered island of pure piracy. Meet the motley crews of sunken ships from the past, left deserted on this island. But mind yer steps - they've been waitin' for rescue for over 100 years.

Cornstalkers: Cornfield guarded by mysterious scarecrows. This haunted cornfield on the Frontier Trail is filled with more than autumn vegetables.

Fright Zone: Only the bravest dare venture along this thickly fogged path where Screamsters lurk. Navigate your way through this disorienting, twisted patch of cornstalks, scarecrows and other unruly residents. Beware, there's more than just corn in this field!

CarnEvil: This circus is more fearful than fun as the clowns and sideshow freaks show their terrifying side. This sideshow has gone very, very bad. The crazy clowns and lurking sideshow freaks have picked up and moved their circus to a new spot.

HalloWeekends attractions
HalloWeekends attractions
Halloween at Cedar Point
Halloween at Cedar Point

Halloween for kids at Cedar Point

Family friendly Halloween attractions for kids:

Magical House on Boo Hill: Located near the Blue Streak, this family-friendly haunted house has several themed rooms to excite and delight younger guests. It's a new Boo for you! Completely re-designed for 2008, kids can step into this magical fun house filled with 7 themed rooms and fun surprises around every corner. Plus, kids will enjoy a special treat at the end.

Haybale Maze: Which way is out? Kids will have fun navigating through bales of hay in this pint-sized maze just for them.

Witches Witch Hallow: The Cedar Point witches cast spells, sing songs and delight children of all ages.

Planet Spooky: Delightful decorations make this one-of-a-kind children's area a Halloween playland - plus, you can meet Snoopy!

In addition to the haunted attractions, Halloween at Cedar Point offers a range of seasonal entertainment especially suited to Halloweekends. Spooky music plays continuously, while periodic shows such as monster parties and spooky sing-a-longs are fun options for everyone. The most popular show is the Monster Midway Invasion Celebration Parade, which features elaborately themed floats, family-friendly monsters, costumed Peanuts characters, dancing, and other fun sights as it winds along the park's midways every Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting.

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    • profile image

      Glenda Griffin 3 years ago

      How much tickets cost for Halloweekend

    • profile image

      Taylor 3 years ago

      Are these still the prices ? Bc I'm going with my cousins either September or October

    • profile image

      Melody 5 years ago

      I want to go to halloweekends but my mommy won't let me ps

      I'm 7

    • profile image

      J.P. Hope 6 years ago

      Every screamster at CedarPoint HalloWeekends is still afraid of me just like October 17 2009.

    • profile image

      gillian 6 years ago

      halloweekends at cedar point is really fun and i im going aging.cant wait

    • profile image

      Jenderal Keiner 6 years ago

      You can and never will be able to scare me im the most FEARLESS person you will EVER meet!!!! Mahahahahaha

    • profile image

      j.p.hope 6 years ago

      This is a message to all the screamsters and the overlord of cedar point's halloweekends. Remember me? October 17 2009? Ring a bell? Well, i hope you're all reading this, because i've become your WORST nightmare! If you try to scare me, i'll find you! I'll scare you again just like i did on October 17 2009!

    • profile image

      jjoe 7 years ago

      Im going October 30th next saturday, im so excited can not wait till then!!! :)

    • profile image

      Lisa Jarrell 7 years ago

      Can not wait will be coming this weekend!!!!!

    • profile image

      Steven age 11 7 years ago

      I love Halloweekends at Cedar Point there is going to be a new haunted house or outdoor one in 2010