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Cedar Point Rides Tickets and Coupons to save money

Updated on December 20, 2010
Cedar Point Sandusky Ohio
Cedar Point Sandusky Ohio

Best Amusement park


Discounts and coupons for about $7 to $10 can be easily found with coupons or from AAA offices. Cedar point is one of my most favorite and the best amusement parks in the world. It has the highest number of top-class roller coasters (17) in the whole world. Cedar point has the world's second tallest and second fastest roller coaster, Top Thrill Dragster. One of the best features of Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio is that it has something to offer for everyone in the family. Amazing Cedar Point rides include roller coaster rides, Children's rides, carousels and water rides offer a great variety. It seems that Cedar Point tries to add a new major attraction each year.

 Cedar Point also has a Kiddie Land that has scaled down versions of some of the bigger rides, for the young riders to enjoy. There are several rides that are fun and entertainment for your children. A little bit of planning will go a long way for the whole family to have fun. The park also offers other rides, like bumper cars, carousels, and old-fashioned cars, as well as live shows.

 In addition to Cedar Point, closeby there is a water park called Soak City. This water park offers a variety of rides that the entire family can enjoy. There is a shallow pool with fountains for the children, as well as slides, and a drifting river, that you inner tube down. There are many hotels close to the park. There are plenty of restaurants for you to choose from. You can also find miniature golf, arcade games, and race cars.

Halloween celebration at Cedar Point is a major attraction during the Halloween season and do not forget to check it out Cedar Point's HalloWeekends.


If possible, go to Cedar Point on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday to avoid the crowd, long lines and long waiting times for the popular rides.

Some of my favorite rides at Cedar Point Sandusky:

1. Raptor: One of the first big roller coaster rides right in the entrance of the park. Lines are usually long, but you can do this one at night as it is best.

2. Maverick: Cedar point's 17th amazing roller coaster. Maverick takes you down to Earth at an astonishing 95-degree angle at speeds of up to 57 mph to within five feet above the ground. Wow.

3. Top Thrill Dragster: Cedar Point's 16th roller coaster ride. The tallest and fastest roller coaster in the universe.

4. Mantis: One of the tallest and fastest stand-up scream machines in the world. You board high-tech trains and fly down a 145-foot-tall first hill at an outrageous top speed of 60 mph, all while standing up! That's right, standing up!

and much more...

Cedar Point rides
Cedar Point rides

Save Money at Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio

It is common for people who want to save money to look for coupons to use in their destination location. Their first choice is to search the internet to find printable online coupons. Finding authentic online coupons can be very difficult to say the least. I have clicked on many links that lead me to suspicious websites. Just visiting some websites makes my antivirus program trigger some adware or spyware notification. Or some want me to fill in some personal information before giving me the link to the printable coupon. You may also run across some fake coupons. Use your common sense to detect coupon scams. If the coupon has an outdated expiry date, spelling mistakes, not so clear graphics or barcodes, or requiring you to give additional information before you can use it can be possibly scams.

It is very possible to find a variety of coupons and discounts from different sources to use at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. Here are some tips to save money and to find genuine coupons for use at Cedar Point:

1. Cedar Point Getaway guide: The best place to find authentic coupons is the Cedar point Getaway guide. It has two pages of valuable coupons in the back. Visit their official website at

and place an order for the Getaway guide. It is totally free. It has coupons for two for one starlight passes, discounts on admission tickets to Cedar Point, Soak City and Challenge Park and discounts for the park resort properties and discount coupons for food, photos, season passes, etc.

The Cedar Point Getaway Guide must be ordered in advance of your visit; please allow sufficient time for it to be delivered to you by the USPS. If your visit is at least three weeks away, please request your copy online. If you are visiting sooner, please call 419-627-2350 (this may take up to one week, depending on where you live). Note that the Getaway Guide is not available at the park.

2. As of 2008, adult ticket prices run about $44 per person. There are so many places you can buy them at a discount. AAA branches sell them for about $35. Meijer and other partner locations like Giant Eagle sell them for about $35. Some Pepsi soda cans have discounts on them. If you have four or more tickets to buy, the best place is to buy at the Cedar Point website online deal for about $33 per ticket.

3. Outside food and beverages are not allowed in the park. Un-opened bottled water are allowed into the park. So bring your own water if you do not want to pay $3 per bottle inside the park. Do not forget to drink enough water during your fun day at Cedar Point.

4. Stop by at the Ohio visitor center and pick up a copy of The Discover Ohio visitor's guide that has valuable money saving coupons for Cedar Point and other local attractions.

Cedar Point rides
Cedar Point rides

FUN Investment idea

If you have some money to invest, I would recommend buying some shares of Cedar Point's parent company. Its ticker symbol is FUN. Look at the 5-year price chart of FUN. It usually stays within the $25 to $30 range. I think any price below $20 is a good price point to enter. As of October 2008, the stock is trading at $16 per share.The stock may not skyrocket as it is not a growth stock. However, they have one of the best dividend programs. The dividend yield is about 12% at current prices (oct 2008) and that is guaranteed money. Any appreciation in the stock price is just a delicious bonus. Good luck.

See Maverick roller coaster ride in action


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    • profile image

      Landon 5 years ago

      I love rides

    • profile image

      Sarah 5 years ago

      I agree, Cedar Point is an awesome park obviously, but you should check the pictures before you put them on your article. The last one there is not a Cedar Point ride... The inverted coaster. I think it may actually be Thunderhawk at Michigan's Adventure.

    • profile image

      Megan 7 years ago

      Cedar point is the BEST!!!! I love it, me and my family go there every years and this will be my 7th year!!!!! I just keeeep counting!!!

    • profile image

      CJ Brown 8 years ago

      Why don't you take our favorite coaster from Geauga Lake to your park so it will be availble for us to ride?

    • profile image

      Martha Rae 8 years ago

      You have not experienced an awesome park until you've been to Cedar Point. Let's just put it this way, once you go and ride their coasters, everything else will look like kiddy land. Believe me, you will not be disappointed and it is by far the best place to vacation. Don't be fooled by the appearance of the Maveric. And don't chicken out on the Top Thrill Dragster or the Millenimum Force!! They weren't kidding when they called Cedar Point the Roller Coaster Capital of the world. It truly is an amazement park. Have fun!

    • profile image

      Melissa 9 years ago

      Cedar point looks great for the kids. Coupons are great. i use everything from <a href="">Jcpenney Coupons</a> to Olive garden coupons.