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Top 5 Halloween Candy Alternatives

Updated on October 22, 2007

I feel the need to preface this article by saying that I'm all for Halloween candy. As long as kids are eating healthy every day, why not let them go a little crazy? At our house the Halloween candy lasts until the Christmas candy, which lasts until the Valentine's candy, which they munch on until Easter. If you have clear boundaries about what and when they're allowed to eat it, candy isn't all that bad.

However, I know a lot of people want to offer healthier alternatives so I'm offering up my favorites here.

  1. Bubbles! You know those cute little mini-bottles of bubbles they have sometimes at weddings? This year I saw them in Halloween-ish colors at Wal-Mart. $2 for twenty bottles.
  2. Stickers. Kids love stickers. You'll have to buy quite a few and I would recommend handing them out or kids may take handfuls.
  3. Crayons. If you had planned ahead you could have stocked up on crayons when they were selling school supplies. Boxes of 24 can go for as low as ten cents. I like this idea because it's big and colorful. A box of crayons does not say I got cheated out of my candy!
  4. Pencils. With all the technology at their fingertips, kids still love a cool looking pencil. Festive pencils are inexpensive and will probably be received well.
  5. Sugar-free gum. Kids love gum and this is sort of a compromise. They don't really know it's not candy, or that it's relatively good for them!

I would stay away from the type of junk toys and games they are giving away at schools these days. Nobody needs extra garbage in the house. Do NOT try to pass off some healthy snack like nuts or granola bars as a treat. You may find yourself tricked!

For kids you know, make homemade cookies and bag them up in cellophane. Check with parents first and make sure to label it so they know it's from a trusted source!

Whatever you decide, make it fun. It's all about the kids and one night (or week!) of sugar rushing isn't going to scar them for life. It's the healthy choices you make throughout the year that determine your child's overall health.

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  • KT pdx profile image

    KT pdx 9 years ago from Vancouver, WA, USA

    These are great ideas. I've given out crayons and pencils sometimes, and they're always well-received.

  • profile image

    Big Kid 9 years ago

    I agree with kid. Anyone handing out anything sugar-free on Hallowe'en should not be surprised to find their house TP'ed, or in some cases paintballed.

  • profile image

    kid 10 years ago

    ugh. do not give out sugar-free gum.  we know, and we dont like it.  be prepared to get a flaming paper bag of feces in return.