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Halloween Party Checklist

Updated on October 3, 2015

Need Some Party Inspiration?

What will you need for your Halloween theme party?

Halloween can be a busy time and getting ready for a Halloween Party can sometimes be stressful. Here are a few ideas and a special checklist on what you need to get beforehand and what decorations you might need.

If you're having a party then you'll want to get ready, and if you've got kids they need to get their costumes on and have their faces painted as well.

Being prepared beforehand and getting everything ready is important so that you can enjoy yourself.

You can also ask a friend or member of family if they can help you get ready or get your friends with kids to help out with a buffet dish or some trick or treating sweets.

And if you're really stuck and it's too much on the night you could employ an assistant from an agency to come and help you serve the buffet, and drinks and then wash up afterwards.

Your Quick Halloween Checklist

Here is a checklist so that you do not forget anything.

Hanging Skeleton

Hanging Pumpkins

Carved Pumpkins, with tea lights inside

Tea Lights for pumpkins and candlesticks

Window Stickers and Silhouettes

White cobweb strips for hanging over lights, mantelpiece, other


Black candlesticks with tall black and red candles

Black and Red Roses

Halloween bowls with sweets, treats for guests

Witches broomsticks as decorations

Spiders, skulls, cats and witch ornaments

Pumpkin and ghost hanging strings of lights.

Happy Halloween bunting

Room Decorations

How you arrange your party will depend on how many rooms you are going to use.

If you use more than one room you could have one room for drinking and talking, one room for a buffet and another room for dancing.

If you only have your living room available for a party then you could arrange a drinks bar area with a table of food and then also trays of finger food around the room. You can do the same with the drinks. You can either get someone to go round with wine or a Halloween cocktail or punch or just keep a large bowl or bottles by the bar area with a few mixer drinks, like Brandy and Whisky and Gin at the bar. Your guests can come up and get drinks as they want through the night.

In the dance room and/or main room you can add glow in the dark lights and light up ghosts, spider and other creatures for your Halloween effect.

If you have more than one room you can keep one room for drinks, finger food, and another for the buffet with a third room for dancing.

Background Music

Have your music playing softly at the beginning of the evening and then louder later on at night. If you're using just one room then it might not be so easy for guests to dance depending on how many are coming. However, a party is a party and everyone will want to dance whatever the size of the room.


Halloween Buffet

Lay out the Halloween buffet with themed tablecloths and napkins. Also use themed cutlery, plates and bowls.

You can also use your own dinner set decorating the table instead. And use red and black napkins. Use a large candlestick in the center and some white cobweb string hung loosely around it. You can use black and red candles as well. Plus you could get some black and red roses and arrange them in your own vases or on the table.

Remember to keep your food ready for when the guests arrive so that you do not have to do anything else. Get someone to help either call an agency to get a serving assistant or ask a friend or family member to help. If you are used to having parties or large dinners you may have a warming unit to store your hot food in and just keep the cold food in the fridge until you're ready to eat.

Halloween Party Song Mix

Halloween With The Addams Family Movie

Top 10 Halloween Family Movies


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