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Halloween Theme Party

Updated on October 2, 2015

Having A Halloween Party?

Halloween is celebrated worldwide, a lot in USA and less in UK.

It can be fun or a nightmare with horror movies and fright night themes.

You may see flesh eating zombies or more friendlier witches.

Or you might have a party at home or go to one with trick or treating for kids and your guests come in costumes.

Or there might be a venue where you there's a special Halloween night which you can buy tickets for or go on the guestlist to.

A lot of Halloween themed items will be handless fingers, vampire teeth, bat and spider web decorations, hanging ghosts, green witches in black hats and coats and so on.

But then you get a lot of themed trick or treat sweets and decorations as well so that you can make Halloween how you want.

Ideas For A Halloween Party At Home

If you're having a Halloween party at home you can hang a scary cobweb on the inside of the door as the guests come in. Then you can have dim lights and candles in your hallway following through to your living room where you can have your main Halloween Party.

Get some party music as well for dancing and make a themed table with small pumpkin lights, a spiderweb tablecloth, tea lights and devilish food.

Have a hanging skeleton on your wall.

Serve a witches rum punch and a blood red non alcoholic one.

Have broomsticks, black draped cloth, red and black roses as part of your decorations.

Send out themed invites with coffins on them.


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Prepare For Your Kid's Halloween Party

Have your Kid's Halloween Party early on and then go Trick or Treating from 6pm-8pm.

Lay out a scary and spooky Halloween buffet.

Get some Goodie bags to give away to the guests when they're leaving.

Have a Halloween coloring contest going on at the party.

And have a prize for the best costumes and scary make up.

Have a Scary Treasure Hunt in the garden.

Play some music for dancing and then go trick or treating around your local area.

Send out your Halloween invitations early

Halloween Trick Or Treating

You can buy Halloween premade trick or treating bags filled with different themed sweets and chocolates.

Just take a look at my Halloween Party website and you will find lots of Halloween articles, costumes and products to buy.



Halloween Body Part Sweets

Disney Halloween Candy Mixes

Halloween Coffin Shaped Chocolates

Hello Kitty Halloween

Ghost and Cat shaped Halloween Brownies

Haunted House Cake

Cup Cakes with Coffin, Ghost, Cobweb Decorated Icing

Free Halloween Printable

Preparing A Last Minute Halloween Party

If you're having a last minute Halloween Party how are you going to decorate and get ready in such a short time?

Depending on your budget you could get some tea lights and other candles and put them around your party area.

Or you could change your light bulbs and have lower lights or red toned lights.

What about your other Halloween decorations?

You could get a pumpkin and carve a smiley face yourself and place a candle in it.

And you could use an old white sheet if you have one and cut it into shreds. Add some black and grey with red markings on it to give a spooky effect: the black and grey for a more Gothic ghost look and red for blood splatter markings.

Hang one shredded sheet by one of your doors or over the ceiling or draped over your shelves or mantlepiece.

Then onto the menu

You could make black or green spaghetti with a blood red sauce. Then you could add a chicken dish or meat dish and a scary desert. What about a Chinese stir fry; chicken and black bean sauce, orange chicken, beef and oyster sauce.

You could serve a haunted mansion cake and And some cupcakes with different Halloween themes.

Then once you have your decorations done you can think of food to eat.

And you could serve a tropical orange fruit punch and add fruit cut into ghosts and coffins into your punch bowl. Or use blackcurrant mixed with orange or lemonade for a Dark and deadly non alcoholic cocktail.

Call your friends or go out and ask guests to come from your local neighbourhood.

You can organize your party like this probably within a week.

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