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Harry Potter Gifts For Adults

Updated on March 14, 2011

Harry Potter has been around for a long time.

Okay - so it hasn't been that long. It has, however, been longer than most franchises, series, whatever you want to call them, usually are. Think back to when the first Harry Potter book came out. When was that... five, ten years ago?

Thirteen years ago to be exact (June 30th 1997).

A lot can happen in thirteen years, people can change, move away, make new friends; in fact people can grow up into adults.

See what I'm getting at.

Harry Potter has been around so long that the kids the first read that first book have become adults, much like the actors in the film series whom we've seen grow up. And this begs the question, 'what are some Harry Potter gift ideas for adults?'


Harry Potter Clothing

When thinking of Harry Potter gift ideas, especially Harry Potter gifts for adults, one of the best choices - and probably the easiest - is HP clothing. There are numerous different types of Harry Potter clothing to choose from and, surprisingly, the majority of it is for adults.

Christmas is the biggest gift giving holiday of the year, making it one of the best days to purchase Harry Potter clothing. You can buy Harry Potter Scarves, Harry Potter sweatshirts, and even Harry Potter socks and underwear - all a perfect Christmas, or any day , gift for Adults.

The Following Harry Potter Clothing is Available:

  • Harry Potter Sweatshirt
  • Harry Potter Tee Shirts
  • Harry Potter Sweater
  • Harry Potter Shirts
  • Harry Potter Underwear
  • Harry Potter Pajamas
  • Harry Potter Socks
  • Harry Potter Jacket

Harry Potter Replica Wands

Although the person you are buying the gift for is probably long past the age of dueling with wands, it doesn't mean a Harry Potter replica wand isn't a good piece of memorabilia.  The kid in all of us used to want a wand; the adult in all of us wants the kid in us to come out from time to time.  Right?

My favorite selection of Harry Potter wands is the collection that features replica wands from each character in the series.  My personal favorite?  The Dumbledore wand.  It comes complete with a wand box (exactly like the one in the film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) and is 15 inches long.  It's very fragile making it a true collectible and a great Harry Potter gift for an adult. 

There are many cheap Harry Potter wands you can buy that still embody the spirit of Harry Potter if you're not willing to spend a lot of money. 

Harry Potter Mugs

One of the best Harry Potter gifts for adults is a gift that can be given at anytime of the year and still be well-received.   Harry Potter mugs are excellent gift choice for adults and kids alike.   There's nothing like drinking your coffee in the morning and feeling nostalgic about Harry Potter.

Harry Potter mugs come in all different colors and of all different designs.  You can buy a mug that represent each of the four houses from Hogwarts, each mug sporting the crest of the chosen house.  This is great idea for gifts for the entire family (by a mug for each member of the family and do some sort of sorting hat game).

If you want a more creative Harry Potter mug you might want to think about getting a thermal color changing mug.  These are a great Harry Potter gift for adults who, when younger, were a little mischievous.  The thermal color changing mug will, when a certain temperature, reveal a hidden message (for example:  "Mischief Managed")


Harry Potter has grown up like the rest of us.
Harry Potter has grown up like the rest of us. | Source


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