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Harry Potter Scarf - Buy Harry Potter Scarves

Updated on June 30, 2011

With Christmas just around the corner, as well as the new Harry Potter movies, Harry Potter clothing is becoming a hot ticket. Harry Potter clothing - Harry Potter apparel - consists of numerous items, including jackets, shirts, sweaters, robes, glasses, and scarves.

Harry Potter scarves are one of the more popular items to buy because they are the cheapest and are the most convenient; by that I mean they are a clothing that is actually worn instead of just pure memorabilia purposes. A Harry Potter scarf can make a great gift for anyone in the family; Harry Potter scarves keep the face and neck warm on those cold days before and after Christmas.

There are many different types of Harry Potter scarves one can choose from. One of the most popular type of Harry Potter scarf is the slytherine scarves and the ravenclaw scarves; in fact you can get a Harry Potter scarf that is the exact replica of any of the four houses's scarf. It can, then, act as both a piece of winter clothing and a memorabilia.

You probably have many questions:

How long are Harry Potter Scarves?

Where can I buy a Harry Potter scarf?

What is the Harry Potter scarf pattern?

Find the answers below.


Harry Potter Slytherine Scarves

One of the most popular Harry Potter scarves is the Slytherine scarf.  The Slytherine scarf is an exact replica from the Harry Potter movies, with a Slytherine crest on either end.  The colors are dark green and grey, giving it a very appealing 'earthy' look that works for many situations. 

Many people ask how long Harry Potter scarves are - they are very long.  The same is true for the Slytherine scarf; it's a one size scarf that is called 'extra long'.  It will wrap around your neck and you can either tie it up or leave it hanging - both styles look equally as good. 

It's made out of 100% Lamb's wool and is an officially licenses Harry Potter item. 

Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarves

One of the favorite houses in the Harry Potter series is, of course, the Gryffindor house.  It's not surprising that the bestselling scarves are from the Gryffindor line: who wouldn't want to wear a scarf that supports the three main characters of the series. 

The colors are the same from the movies and books, sporting a gold and purple appearance; the crest on this Harry Potter scarf is on either end, much like the Slytherine scarf.

Harry Potter Gryffindor house scarves come in both kids and adult sizes, making it a excellent Christmas gift idea for the whole family. 

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Scarf

By far the least recognized house in the Harry Potter universe is Hufflepuff.  Think about it: I bet you can't think any character from the Hufflepuff house.  This, although to some may not be, is one of the best reasons to get one of the Hufflepuff scarves.

It's yellow and black design gives it a smart look; furthermore the Hufflepuff crest is one of the coolest crests out of all the Harry Potter scarves. 

Like other Harry Potter scarves the Hufflepuff scarf is long and made of 100% Lamb's wool. 

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Scarf

The Ravenclaw scarf is a bit different Harry Potter scarf. The ends are a little frayed and, in my opinion, it's made of thicker cotton. The color design is a classic purple and white, for those of you who don't want anything too flashy.


A Harry Potter scarf can be a great costume accessory.
A Harry Potter scarf can be a great costume accessory. | Source

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