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Top 10 Fun Ways to Spend on Father's Day

Updated on June 22, 2020
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It is a wise father that knows his own child.

— William Shakespeare

Happy Father's Day Card

A handmade card that I had created for my dad
A handmade card that I had created for my dad | Source

Father's Day Brief History

  • Father's Day is a day of the year where children all over the world whether young or adults, celebrate this day to honor fathers, father-to-be, paternal bonds and acknowledging the head of the family.
  • Children appreciate father for his undying love, contribution to the family and his sacrifices.
  • Father's Day was first suggested on June 19, in the year of 1910 by a lady, a church member by the name of Sonova Smart Dodd of Spokane who lived in Washington.
  • Sonova felt strongly that fatherhood needed recognition too, as much as motherhood.
  • She wanted a celebration that honored fathers like her own father, who single-handed raised his family alone after his wife ( Sonova's mother) passed away during child delivery of their sixth child.
  • Sonova brought up the idea of Father's Day to the Spokane YMCA who helped to spread the word of this celebration in 1910.
  • Members of the YMCA went to church wearing red roses to honor living fathers and white roses for deceased fathers.
  • However, it took many years to make Father's Day an official holiday because most people make fun of this celebration and used this opportunity to make money in with instead.

A beautiful sight

A back view of a father walking with his son
A back view of a father walking with his son | Source

Do you celebrate Father's Day with your dad every year?

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How do you celebrate Father's Day?

Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June is most countries and other days elsewhere.

Father's Day usually involves giving presents either handmade or bought from shopping centres.

Handmade gifts saves money and you don't have worry whether your dad likes it or not because it is the thoughts that counts.

My dad always say, " Don't waste money. Keep it for yourself. You need it more than I do."

#1 - Father's Day Bookmaark

A handmade  bookmark I made for my dad
A handmade bookmark I made for my dad | Source

Handmade gifts are simple and easy to do.

Some of the common gifts are Father's Day cards, Father's Day Quotes on a bookmark and bake your dad's favorite cookies or cake.

If your dad is a simple man who doesn't go for branded stuff, go ahead, try my suggestions. Making cards and bookmarks don't take much time.

Furthermore, use all those left-overs papers and strings if you can't find any ribbons in your house.

Don't waste money on buying unnecessarily stationary.

Father's Day Bookmark

#2- Bake biscuits or cookies

Dad loves Walnut Biscuits very much
Dad loves Walnut Biscuits very much | Source
  • Baking with family members can be fun and show lots of teamwork.
  • Put in your best effort in baking dad's favorite cookies or cake.
  • Many recipes can be found in websites or recipe books.
  • Choose those recipe which requires less ingredients and baking time.
  • Otherwise, your Father's day cookies or cake won't be ready by the time dad comes back from work.
  • Decorate with nice plastic wrapper with ribbons to bring out the uniqueness.

Walnut Biscuits

# 3 - Buy What Dad Needs

Dad needed a new cellphone, so I bought one for him
Dad needed a new cellphone, so I bought one for him | Source
  • For those of you who prefer to use cash to buy presents, choose those gifts which your dad needed most or frequently uses.
  • Refrain from purchasing unrealistic gifts. Otherwise, your dad will put aside your gift on the table or shelves and helps to accumulate more dust or cobwebs!
  • Spend some time asking your mom for some tips what dad likes or loves. I am sure mom knows dad best.
  • Go window shopping with mom but without your dad's knowledge. Otherwise your surprise gift will be meaningless.
  • If you are tight on budget, ask your siblings to chip in so that you guys could buy a better quality or an expensive gift for dad. Of course, don't use your dad's supplementary credit card for purchases. It burnt a big hole in his pocket!

#4- Father's Day Video Recording

A child holding a video camera
A child holding a video camera | Source
  • If your dad is an outgoing and fun loving type of man, why not make a video recording of your family on this special day.
  • You can also secretly video record dad running his daily tasks at home, waking up, getting ready for work, having breakfast and dinner together and what he did after dinner.
  • You can ask dad some questions while recording which would add in some jokes into the video.
  • Remember to set the date and time in the video and burn into DVD so that dad can watch this special Father's Day video when he feels lonely.

# 5 - Potluck Dinner

vegetarian food is my dad's favorite
vegetarian food is my dad's favorite | Source
  • Some dads prefer special dinners or family gathering especially those children who are all grown up staying out-station or other districts, married and have their own family living elsewhere.
  • Family gathering is what dad needed most, in order to keep up the family warmth, bonds, catching up what's going on between each family members, activities and remembering family ties.
  • If your dad prefers to have dinner at home, he is trying to save his children s' money, able to talk comfortably and freely.
  • Each member of the family has to bring a potluck, that is to bring a dish from home.
  • It is better to discuss together what to bring rather than having same dishes on the dining table!

# 6 - Go Fishing with Dad

A child and his dad fishing by the lake?
A child and his dad fishing by the lake? | Source
  • My Dad loves to go fishing on weekends when we were young.
  • He used to forked out money to but the fishing rods, accessories and worms, brought along the buckets and newspapers for for eat not reading !
  • The seaside wasn't that clean, so we had to place old newspaper below our bums, wear a cap to avoid the scorching sun.
  • Dad taught us how to hook up the bait and told us to wait patiently for the fish to eat the worm while we chatted anything under the sun.
  • Dad loved fishing very much and so did we!

#7 - Looking at old photos

Dad loves to see and talk about old photos that reminded him of past sweet and sad memories
Dad loves to see and talk about old photos that reminded him of past sweet and sad memories | Source
  • Every year, we look over the old photos that we had taken with dad since baby to adulthood.
  • Dad loved to talk about the past memories, some sweet events and some sad ones.
  • There are a lot of deep hidden secrets that you may not know until dad tells you when he felt the need to let you know.
  • The people you had forgotten or do not know, dad knew them all by heart.
  • It was great walking down the memory lane with dad.

#8 - Watch the sunrise or sunset

A man and his child walking as they watched the sunrise
A man and his child walking as they watched the sunrise | Source
  • A perfect dad to watch the sunrise or sunset with dad.
  • If you are an early bird , you can stay with dad to watch the sunrise and watched the beautiful scene.
  • Talk about anything that he feels comfortable.
  • My dad wakes up very early. So, we had beautiful chats while drinking coffee and toasted bread .
  • Watching the sunrise was an awesome experience.

#9 - Father's Day Card

I handmade this Father's Day Card for my dad last year
I handmade this Father's Day Card for my dad last year | Source
  • Nothing beats a handmade Father's Day card!
  • Although store bought cards may be fancy and affordable, I would rather make my own Father's Day card for my special dad.
  • Dad loves to receive different handmade cards from me every year.
  • He kept them all in his drawer. As he had mentioned not to spend money on gifts, this happened to be a perfect gift for him.

#10- Give dad a BIG hug!

A little girl giving her dad a big hug
A little girl giving her dad a big hug | Source

I think my mom put it best. She said, 'Little girls soften their daddy's hearts.'

— Paul Walker

Handmade Card for daddy


No matter how you celebrate this special event with your dad, I am sure he will be extremely happy that his existence is still important in your life.

He will be touched.

A good HUG is still best !!

© 2011 peachy


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