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How To Celebrate St. Patty's Day: The HubPages Guide

Updated on February 23, 2010

Start Your St. Patty's Day Celebrations Off Early

Unfortunately St. Patrick's Day only comes around once a year, so let's lets make the most of our celebrations by starting off bright and early. A good way to get into the spirit of the day is to get a few spirits into you, so let's check out this recipe from my friend Dave Cald for An Easy To Make Irish Coffee. Heck, it's a holiday dammit and if we wanna have a cocktail in the morning we will! After all, the best part of waking up is Irish Whiskey in your cup.

Fix Yourself A Quick Irish Dish For Lunch

Now that we've let the coffee settle a bit, it's time to get a little food into our bellies before heading out to the pub. We don't want to spend hours in the kitchen cooking today, so we will whip together something simple yet delicious. Here are 4 Easy Irish Rice Recipes courtesy of Kathryn Vercillo that will have us well fed and on our way to the pub in no time. Thanks Kathryn for being a sweetheart and sharing these deliciously easy Irish dishes with us. Happy St. Patty's Day!

Try Some Green St. Patty's Day Jello Shots!

Jello shots are a fun way to celebrate any occasion, and below I've provided a link to a page that will tell you how to make both green Kamikaze Jello Shots and Irish Whiskey Sour Jello Shots. If you really want to be creative, you'll also learn how to make shamrock shaped jello shots. They are super easy to make, but if you still don't have the time to make them...don't worry. Just check out the page "How To Make St. Patty's Day Jello Shots" and email it to a friend or share it on Facebook. Now just be sure to celebrate St. Patty's Day with these friends so you can share these delicious alcoholic treats with them!

Check Out Kathryn's List Of The Best Irish Drinks To Celebrate St. Patty's Day

If your going out to the pub to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, you'll need to know which Irish drinks you should order. In this list Kathryn tells us about 10 great Irish drinks and what's in them, so you'll have a good idea of what you want to try before you get there.

If your staying home or going to a St. Patty's Day celebration at a friends house, you'll need to have a few recipes handy. So no matter where you plan to celebrate, be sure to check out this page: Best Irish Drinks For Celebrating St. Patrick's Day; where you will find 10 delicious cocktail recipes including two of my favorites: An Irish French Kiss and A Frozen Leprechaun.


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    • profile image

      meghan 7 years ago

      Green Jello shots for St. Patty's day...what an excellent idea. Thanks for the recipe. Only 12 day's left til St. Patty's Day 2011. I can't wait to celebrate!

    • Duce Arendell profile image

      Duce Arendell 8 years ago

      Less than a month till Pattys day! I can't wait! I'm having a little party at my house and that recipe for the shamrock shaped jello shots sounds like a crowd pleaser! Thanks for sharing. Happy St. Patty's Day, and celebrate safely!