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How to Create Personalized Disney Shirts on Zazzle

Updated on December 16, 2011

Personalized Disney Shirts Make Great Gifts

Disney appeals to almost everyone. From the old animated classics to the new computer-generated films, Disney has created timeless movies and characters that are popular with all kids of all ages. (Yes, even those adult kids.) Perhaps that's why there are so many Disney fans out there. If you're a diehard fan - or if you know one - personalized Disney shirts are great gifts, and they're easy to create and order online, thanks to the magic of computers. This page gives you step-by-step instructions on where and how to create your own Disney T-shirt or other gifts on Zazzle.

1. Visit Zazzle

Step 1 - Select a Disney Category on Zazzle

To start creating your personalized Disney shirts, you'll need to visit the official Disney page on Zazzle. Once there, you'll be able to narrow down your shirt design be selecting from a number of Disney categories. You'll find a dropdown menu that includes a number of both recent and classic Disney movies, from 101 Dalmations to UP, as well as categories based on popular themes and TV shows, such as Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Hannah Montana.

Don't want any of those? There's also a category simply called "Disney." It includes a hodgepodge of Disney designs, including Disney Halloween , Disney Toddler (baby characters), Valentine’s Day, Disney Villains and others. Simply pick the category you like to see designs within that section.

2. Choose your favorite Disney character

3. Select T-Shirts or other products

Step 2 - Select a Character and Design

Once you choose your favorite Disney category, you'll arrive on a page that shows some images related to your chosen movie or theme.

But don't stop there!

Use the "Choose a character" dropdown menu to narrow your choices and see more images featuring your favorite character. Simply click on a picture to choose one and move on to the next step.

Step 3 - Select T-Shirts

Zazzle offers you the ability to create personalized Disney shirts, but you can also personalize cards, letterhead, mugs, ornaments and other products with Disney images. If you've got a Disney fan in your family, it's a great place to shop for gifts!

To select T-shirts, simply use the dropdown menu and select the item you want. (For some reason, it's not alphabetical, so you'll need to scroll to find the T-shirts.)

4. Customize it!

5. Adjust your text or image

6. Choose your color, size and other options

Pick your T-shirt size and order!
Pick your T-shirt size and order!

4. Create your personalized Disney shirt

Here's the part where you get to turn the simple Disney image into a personalized Disney gift for someone special.

Simply look for the box on the right-hand side of the image that says "Your Text" and start typing or click the yellow "Customize It!" button under the product image. The Customize It! tab will give you more options.

5. Make adjustments as needed

If the text you want on your shirt runs off the design, or it displays on top of the image, or you simply don't like the font or the color of it, you can tweak it all on the Customize It! tab. Just click the yellow "Customize It!" button under the product image to get there.

Customize It! gives you the ability to move the image or text up, down, right or left, or even to rotate it, with simple arrow controls. You can also change the font color, size and font face.

6. Get your size

Once you're happy with your personalized Disney T-shirt design, click on Shirt Options to select a style and size (up to 6x) for men, women, children or infants. You can also select from several colors, and even choose organic cotton.

Once you're satisfied that you've created the perfect shirt, simply hit Add to Cart and follow the checkout process. That's all there is to it!

Have fun!

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