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How to make a Fondant Birthday Cake

Updated on October 1, 2011


How to make a birthday cake fondant

  Fondant is a useful material for decorating cakes and pastries. It is sticky and flexible perfect for experimenting with on your cakes. Here is a simple way to add fondant to your cake to add more taste and substance to it. Afterwards, you can add more details to the cake with the help of the added fondant. You don’t need special skills or expensive ingredients for this. It is basic and easy to do. Here’s how:

Once the cake is done and has been cooled off, lightly cover it with icing. This is to prepare the cake for the next step.

When working with fondant, you need to knead it to the right consistency. This is when you can work with it easily and it isn’t difficult to fold and mold. Add some confectioner’s sugar if the fondant is slightly sticky. Next, roll out the fondant and lift it.

            Next, sprinkle some confectioner’s sugar on your tabletop and rolling pin to prevent sticking with the fondant. Then spread out the fondant and make sure it is slightly larger than the cake. Do not worry if it’s spread to large, you can always trim the excess later on.

            It’s a good idea to lift the fondant while rolling it to prevent any sticking. And keep the sugar coming if needed. If fully spread, lift the fondant and place it on the cake. Working in a quick pace will keep the fondant from drying out.

            Start shaping the fondant using a fondant smoother. An alternative to a fondant smoother is by using the palm of your hand. But, the problem is, the impressions on your hands will leave a mark on the cake.

Now it’s time to give shape to the cake. Use your fondant smoother to shape and smooth the cake. Start in the middle and roll to smooth and remove the air bubbles. Press forward to let out the bubbles. When the air bubbles appear, release it using a pin and smooth it out again.

            Mark the base of the cake using any utensil with a straight edge. Cut off the edges and excess fondant using a knife. Now, you can add your decorations and designs to make your cake look extravagant.

            For birthday cakes, it easy to think of what to do with your cake since the fondant is there to help you. Remember, fondants can have different colors. Use a color to match the theme of the party. Sticking designs like figurines and edible flowers will be easy to manipulate because of the thickness and consistency of the fondant. Go and have fun with designing.

Thank you reading, dear reader. 


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