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How To Throw A Party

Updated on October 22, 2011

Any happy event or occasion is it an anniversary, birthday, graduation, retirement, engagement or wedding is incomplete without a party. However, there are many who go anxious even at the thought of party hosting.

Although it is an exhausting work, with complete planning and organization you can certainly throw a great party. This article would surely give you some useful tips on how to throw a party.

The aim of throwing a party is to celebrate a significant occasion with one's family and friends. It is that time when family and acquaintances meet and spend time together. Since, throwing a party is it a casual or formal affair is not a simple task. It is in the hands of the host(s) to create the party a memorable one.

How To Throw A Good Party?

  • The most significant thing to consider is the budget of the party. Your budget will decide whether your party would be a grand or small affair.
  • The next part is where you have to chart out a list of the guests. Accordingly you would have to decide the venue of the party. You can hold the party at your own house, backyard, or even you can rent a place if you think that your house cannot hold too many guest. 

  • The next step would be to prepare the food and drink arrangements. If it is a small party, you can cook the food at home by yourself. However, if it is a large party, it would be helpful to arrange a caterer for the drink and food.
  • The next thing would be sending out the invitation of your party. Formal parties need you to send a type of formal invitation card. On the card mention clearly the reason for the party, venue and date. It is also essential to mention some theme of the party, dress code and whether children are invited or not.
  • Make a checklist of all things and finish all your work a day before the date of your party. By following these tips you would definitely have a great party.

How To Throw A Good Birthday Party

Make The Cake Yourself

Kids do not care about fancy cake decorating. What they want only is to blow out candles and have as much cake as they can. Blowing out candles is a huge fun, so buy some cheaply package of multiple candles.

Offer The Kids Balloons Instead Of Party Favors

Pick up bags of not expensive balloons. Let the children blow balloons up and decorate them with colorful markers. They will have a lot of fun by doing this activity.

Arrange The Party At A Park

Consider arranging the party a park, if your child's birthday comes during warm weather. A park with a playground is a plus, but not essential. The kids will yet have lots of have fun playing together. 

How To Throw A Dinner Party?


If you have decided for a theme party, decorate everything in your home accordingly. Otherwise, you can keep it elegant and simple.

You can select to refurnish your home like putting up newly curtains, cushion covers, etc.

You can introduce some particular lights to create a mood that matches to your party theme.

Food and Drinks

Menu like drinks and foods are the most important part of a dinner party. Always prepare food, more than the people you have invited in your party. If possible, have two or more varieties of drinks like cold drinks, and some orange and lemon juices, etc.

Music and Entertainment

It is a great source of entertainment. If you are throwing a relaxed party, where you know every person will prefer to talk and sit, put on a light music that will continue playing in the background.

Cocktail Party

An ideal old fashioned cocktail party can be a best choice for a shorter get-together for any event.

A cocktail’ party can be a best way to get together, but not have to commit to the whole evening. Keep light snacks and the mood up-beat with light music or bright conversation and you have got a perfect cocktail party for any event.


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    • hassam profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Pakistan

      Thank you very much! :)

    • eventsyoudesign profile image


      7 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      Hey! Good article. This is the subject I like to write about. I feel like I am not diverse enough to attract enough readers though. I like your article and I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. I will read more. Teresa

    • The Perfect Gift profile image

      The Perfect Gift 

      8 years ago from

      Check out for great party favors for all occasions.

    • spacebull profile image


      8 years ago from Space

      I like your Hub, I've just written a similar one. Thanks for this.


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