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How to Make a Halloween Boo Basket

Updated on October 15, 2017
Photo: DNAMichaud,Flickr
Photo: DNAMichaud,Flickr

Have you ever been boo'd?

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If you're planning to participate in the neighborhood BOO this year, it's never too early to start planning the perfect Boo basket. Sure, you can buy something pre-made off the shelf, but if you really want to make a good impression (because who are we kidding - everybody knows who Boo'd them!) presentation is everything!

Not Familiar with the BOO?

Booing (or ghosting as it is sometimes known) is one of the best ways to get into the Halloween spirit. Getting started with this new fall tradition will connect you with the neighbors and kick off the whole holiday season! Read How to Start the Halloween Boo in Your Neighborhood to get up to speed. Keep reading this article on how to make a halloween basket.

Boo Basket Containers

You can use all kinds of containers to make a cute Boo basket from readily available sotre bought items including:

  • Decorative bags
  • Wicker baskets
  • Metal baskets
  • Door buckets

*Hint: For Boo baskets and other gift-giving occasions, keep a supply of containers on hand. Re-gifting is perfectly acceptable. Just tape a note inside containers to remind you where you got them so you don't return it to the same person who gave it to you!

Frugal Boo-ers can make Boo baskets from oatmeal canisters, decorated lunch bags, or even heavy paper folded into a cone or cornucopia shape. Dressed up enough- these will make the recipients thankful they were boo'd.

Boo Basket Contents

The fun of the Boo tradition for us is to choose things especially for the family we plan to Boo. I might get some novelty socks for the kids and a cocktail mix or tea towels for mom! Keep in mind, however, that you may be beaten to the Boo punch by someone else so it's best not to get too specific in your goodies.

We've added pencils, music CDs of Halloween tunes, bubbles, markers, Goldfish crackers, and of course - candy!

Decorating the Boo Basket

The first time we got Boo'd, the bucket had a homemade ghost in it that served as the signal that we'd been hit. That looked like a lot of work and thankfully my new neighborhood doesn't go to such lengths. However, it's nice to add ribbons, tissue, or any other accessories to the Boo basket just as you would any other gift.

For the craftiest of people, check out the amazing treats at Skip To My Lou!

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