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Inexpensive Homemade Kids Halloween Costumes – Good and Bad Witch

Updated on August 16, 2008
Photo: SeanDreilinger,Flickr
Photo: SeanDreilinger,Flickr

You just shelled out for school supplies and new shoes - why spend any more of your hard earned cash of the little beggars in your household. Quick and cheap Halloween costumes are best, and if your kids are old enough, they can do it themselves. It's not difficult to come up with really cute and clever costumes with junk you've got around the house. You can even hit the garage sales and pick up full costumes or random items to embellish what you've already got! Here are some ideas for perfect witch costumes.

Good Witch

If your daughter is a fan of the Wizard of Oz, no doubt she'd make a great Glinda the Good Witch. Lucky you, this is an one you can put together from things at home plus thrift store finds. All you need is a white dress, white leotards, white shoes, a tiara, and a wand. Add some make-up and glitter and you have all you need to re-create Glenda.

The wand is easy to make from two straws. (Just pick up extras next time you're at Chick-Fil-A!) Put one inside the other, wrap it all in gold paper or aluminum foil and make a star for the end out of an old cereal box. You could also use wire to make the star. Add glitter, jewels, buttons, or beads to the star to make it more ‘magical'. There's no need to go out and buy a lot of craft supplies - just get creative with what you've got.

For the tiara, To make the tiara, you can also use wire, but it's easier to transform an old headband - the rigid plastic kind. Slip bobby pins onto it and then embellish those with beads or cover with cut out cardboard shapes and decorate like you did the star. You could also cover the whole thing up with ribbons.

Bad Witch

The bad witch is a lot more fun in my opinion, especially if you go all out with green make-up and a nose full of warts. Scrounge through the drawers and closets for anything black. For this costume I'd hit the seasonal aisle for the hat, because you can pick one up for a dollar if you look around. Same goes for green makeup. You can make warts out of dried rubber cement or even wadded up paper. Use egg whites to crazy-up the hair and black eyeliner for lipstick. For a traditional witch, send her off to beg for candy with the kitchen broom. If your child wants to be a witch from the Snow White movie (or from Enchanted), set her up with a basket of apples to offer innocent princesses.

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    10 years ago from SAINT MICHAEL

    Thank for you, you have some great ideas that will save me money


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