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Just for Valentine's day

Updated on October 21, 2015

Valentine's day is the most important day to remember if you are a lover especially if you are just in the first few months of your relationship. Lucky for those who have romantic partners. They are the ones who experience the best of Valentine's day. Carefully planned events and unforgettable moments.

couple eating hotdogs
couple eating hotdogs | Source

So what about for those who have partners who don't have a single romantic veins in their body? Sorry, but I have encountered some people especially males who, like I described above, are not romantic even just on the 14th of February. Poor girlfriends and wives who expected to have something special planned for that day. Instead, hubby or bf planned to go to a basketball practice or to go to friends house to have a drink or simply lay in the sofa with the T.V. all day long. Oh come on, we ladies need to be treated with extra special attention even just for that day.It is just once in a year and we deserve more than that, didn't we ladies?

A simple dinner together, your girl's favorite flower or a leisure walk along the beach or sit in the park together munching hot dogs will be so much appreciated so long as we feel that we are still somewhat special to you. Sometimes we just need to reassure ourselves that we are still important to you guys just by simply remembering Valentine's day and its purpose and essence. Simple gestures of love-a hug, a kiss, a simple whisper of "I love you" are sometimes enough to continually hope and be inspired and keep the thought that we are still loved, even just on Valentine's day.


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    • laurenban profile image

      May Lauren Banares 6 years ago from Bacolod City, Philippines

      Thanks Nell for agreeing and welcoming me! :-)

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Hi, great to meet you! welcome to hubpages,I totally agree about valentines day, it is a lovely day just for doing simple things with the one you love, cheers nell