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List of 15 Food Gift Ideas

Updated on March 12, 2011

What's in the gift package?


Do you like the idea of recognizing special occasions and saying thank you with food items? Food gifts are always a good choice, as long as you consider the preferences and dietary needs of the recipients. However, it’s easy to fall into the trap of giving the same types of items over and over when you get in the habit of food oriented gift giving.

15 Food Gift Idea Examples

Here is a list of ideas for food gifts that can help you come up with different takes on the food gift giving theme. Vary the types of gifts you share with people and they’ll know that you put special thought into what they’d like each time you send or deliver a gift package!

1. Baking Mixes: Fill an attractive container with a collection of bread, cake and cookie baking mixes.

2. Barbecue Sauce & Seasonings: Any outdoor cooking enthusiast will love a gift package filled with an assortment of barbecue sauces and seasoning mixes.

3. Candy Box: Packages of gourmet candy are a traditional gift idea that is still quite popular.

4. Cookie Bouquet: Instead of dropping off a bouquet of flowers to mark a special occasion, contact your favorite bakery and place an order for a bouquet of flavorful cookies.

5. Dip Mixes: Consider assembling a package filled with various types of nonperishable dip mixes. This is a great choice for friends and family members who entertain frequently or often make snack platters to enjoy during family movie night or while watching sporting events on television.

6. Cookie Tins: Tins filled with tasty homemade or store bought gourmet cookies are quite popular gift items.

7. Edible Arrangement: Contact local florists to see if they offer delivery of edible arrangements made from various varieties of fruit.

8. Gourmet Cheese: Cheese baskets and gift packs are among the most popular of food themed special occasion gift choices.

9. Nuts: Packages of various types of nuts make a great food oriented gift item.

10. Pantry Supplies: If you have friends and family members who are on a tight budget, make the most of your gift giving dollars by putting together a care package of non perishable pantry staple supplies.

11. Popcorn Package: Put together a collection of popcorn popping supplies, including regular and microwave popcorn, flavoring shakers, popping oil and more for gift giving.

12. Salsa: Snacking enthusiasts will be excited to open a box packed with various flavors of salsa.

13. Salad Dressing: If you have friends and loved ones who frequently eat salad at home, consider assembling a nice package filled with various flavors of gourmet quality salad dressing.

14. Soup Mixes: Easy to make soup mixes are a great gift idea, especially for Christmas gifts and other special occasions that occur during the coldest months of the year.

15. Spices: Help your friends who love to cook complete their spice racks with a selection of top quality flavoring agents.

Share Your Food Gift Idea Suggestions

What ideas do you have for other food gift ideas that are sure to be a hit with the lucky recipients? If you’ve received a food gift that put a smile on your face or if you have a gift giving idea that you’d like to share, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section below!


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  • kephrira profile image

    kephrira 7 years ago from Birmingham

    Never though of giving salad dressing as a gift, but there are loads of different types so a little basket of those would be quite nice for some people. Thanks for the idea.

  • coachb51 profile image

    coachb51 7 years ago from West Point, MS

    Perfect timing, these are all good practical gift ideas.