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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: For the Mom who Loves Cooking

Updated on March 9, 2012

Does your mother live in her kitchen? Does mom get great joy from cooking delicious meals for her family? If so, you are one lucky child! I moved out on my own years ago, but stayed close to home for a reason. My mother loves to cook, and she brings me over incredibly delicious home-cooked dishes all of the time. My mom likes to try new recipes and cooking techniques, and I'm more than happy to help her along the way with a great gift for her kitchen! This Mother's Day, consider giving mom a gift that will keep her comfortable in the kitchen. She'll be oh-so happy, and so will your belly!

An Aerogarden Indoor Grow System

This Mother's Day, give mom the gift that will keep on giving! Fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs can be grown year-round right on your mother's kitchen counter with this super-cool indoor grow system. The Aerogarden Grow System is available in several different colors and sizes, and will be a perfect fit for your mothers kitchen. Use the product link to the right to visit Amazon, check out all of the different styles and options available, and find the perfect Mother's Day gift for a cook.

New Pots and Pans

If your mother cooks as much as mine, she can probably wear down the non-stick surface of a frying pan quicker than the manufacturer intended. If mom has had the same set for longer than you can remember, she'll be ecstatic on Mother's Day to finally get a new set.

A Bread Maker

Enjoy fresh homemade bread with mom's superb pasta dishes! Who will benefit most from the new bread maker? You or mom? I gave my mother a bread maker a few years back for Christmas, and I love it! She uses it to make dough for homemade pizzas. Oh ya, you may want to buy your mom a pizza stone for Mother's Day as well.

Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer by Butterball

Expand your mother's cooking capabilities with a turkey fryer. This patented indoor electric turkey fryer from Butterball is easy to clean, completely safe, and will be a delicious addition to your mom's kitchen counter. Holiday meal preparation will be a breeze for mom, and you'll get to feast on the juiciest bird you've ever tasted. Butterball's indoor fryer does much more than just cook turkeys. My mom uses hers to make homemade mozzarella sticks, corn dogs, egg rolls and fried chicken to name a few things. Check out these 5 Great Turkey Fryer Recipes to see what this sick machine is capable of doing.

More Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Still Haven't found that perfect gift for your mother? Maybe mom already has every gadget she needs for her kitchen. Perhaps this year it's time to think outside the box, and give mom a well deserved break from cooking. I've posted a couple links below to help you in your pursuit of making mom's day really special.


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