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How can I make every day a Mother's Day

Updated on September 11, 2010

Spend time with your mom!

The things that mothers love the most is when their children are with them.

Give your mother your undivided attention at least once a week. Do some chores for her, weed the garden, mow the lawn, wash windows, wash the car, clean your room, cook dinner and clean up the mess, bring her coffee, rub her feet, and be creative. Do those things she knows you would never do on your own.

Make a card, and put coupons in it good for: An hours work, Washing the Car, etc. It may sound dumb, but mothers love the things you make. Be creative, remember your mother.

Small Gifts That Say "I Love You"

Open Letter to Teens and Other Young Adults

Teenagers and young adults are pretty powerful and can make their parents wish that they had several more teens just like you. I have worked with teens for the past 40 years. The thing that I have noticed over the past 10 15 years is that youth of today is getting better and better in almost every way.

First of all, young people like you are very caring and want to have a rich personal closeness to their families. Yes, there are a lot of competing activities and responsibilities for you, but there is a strong desire to be grounded when it comes to your parents.

I also know that there are so many competing expenses in your young lives that there is little cash to play with. I want you to know that the things that mean the most to your mother cost little or nothing.

Low Cost High Return

All mothers want to have the same thing: They want their children to be happy, healthy, and to love them. Out of the three, loving is the easiest most meaningful gift to give

So how do you give this most meaningful gift? Find out what your mother wants her day to be like. Does she want the day off? Does she want to spend the whole day with you? Does she want to her meals cooked for her? Does she want to lay in a bubble bath? Does she want to cook for you? Tell her that what she wants for the day, is what you want.

Tell her that you will be spending the whole day with her doing what she wants.

Things that Say I Love You

Here are the top things that my mother kept for 30 years from me: my hand print, on paper and in plaster. A horrible ash tray made in a crafts class. A photo I had framed of me. A calendar I made in 1962. Things the did not last the test of time: a blender, a hair dryer, and many more items that she loved getting but did not express the same sentiment that she cherished in the hand made items.

Did you give your mother a hand impression in plaster at some time? Chances are that she still has that in some safe place where she can look at it from time to time. Wouldn't it be neat to give her another one now? Making a plaster cast of your hand is easy. You might want to copy the original design or make a new one. Do you have siblings? Include them. Your mother will be thrilled. You might add a theme, or display, but a simple impression with a ribbon hanger would be the "I love you message" that she is looking for.

Caution should be used in working with plaster of paris, it generates heat and sets up fast. After making impressions, clean your hands. Remember to follow directions. Do not immerse your hands in plaster.

Things You Can Do

Remember that nothing says "I love You!" like something that takes time and effort. Please be creative and remember what Mom wants her day to be like.

One time I detailed my mom's car, and I was surprised at her reaction. She was thrilled. It was one of the best gifts I ever gave her and it cost me nothing because everything I needed was right in Dad's garage. It took me most of a day and I must say I was pretty proud of the job I did. That was 25 years ago and as her health gave out, it was one of the things she reminisced about.


Nothing makes a mother happier than those three little letters: JOB! If you could at least give your mom the slightest hope that you will someday be independent and able to take care of yourself, it will be the happiest day of the year for her. Tell her your plans, confide in her, make her realize what a great job she did as a parent. You will both have a great day.


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