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Nanee's Tantalizing Roast Turkey Recipe

Updated on November 13, 2012

Let's Get Cooking

Nanee's Tantalizing Roast Turkey Recipe

Thanksgiving is normally a small affair in my family. It is usually at my sister's home, or at my mother's home, whom we all call Nanee. There are my sister's three children and myself, including my sister and mother of course. So bringing the Thanksgiving meal together is usually not to stressful with only six people celebrating.

However this year my sister's oldest son wanted to be included in the cooking activities. As he gets older he has been fascinated with the cooking process. So this could be a good thing. His sister and brother however have no desire but to devour the food that is placed on the Thanksgiving table.

We always have a modest little turkey, and it is none other than Nanee's tantalizing roast turkey recipe. The kids are not hip to having stuffing cooked inside the bird, so we make it as a side as well, just for them. But in my opinion, what is stuffing if it isn't inside the bird?

Nanee is the only one who can cook this turkey to perfection. I do not cook, unless it is the can of corn in the microwave oven. If my sister is cooking she just buys one of those rolled turkey's in a box. Either way, a meal together with family is what makes the best unforgettable memories. And soon enough we will have a new cook in the house, so that is something to look foreword too.

So Let's Begin Roasting A 8 Pound Turkey

Of course you will have already picked your turkey out. You will need to thaw it out. A 8 pound turkey normally takes about 2-3 days to thaw thoroughly. As I mentioned before, stuffing the bird is favorable. But if you don't like stuffing in your turkey than omit this step. Do not forget to take the gizzards and such out of the turkey before you start stuffing it. Some people believe it or not have forgotten this step. If it were left up to me, you would be eating turkey guts.

Start off by pre-heating your oven to 325.

Put your turkey in a roasting pan of your choice. Whatever works best for you is fine. Make sure the turkey has plenty of room for stuffing outside the bird. You don't want a pan so big the turkey moves around.

Nanee likes to brush the turkey's skin with Extra Virgin Olive Oil or if you prefer use the spray instead. This will help keep the skin from drying out. A dry turkey is not tantalizing.

Decide if you're going to make your own homemade stuffing or store bought. Nanee makes her very own brand of bread stuffing, that goes directly into the bird. Aghast to the children who dislike stuffing.

Other delicious things Nanee often puts in the turkey:

  • A very small onion
  • A delicious red apple
  • A small leaf of sage
  • A small leaf of rosemary
  • A cinnamon stick
  • Ginger Ale, Orange Juice Or 7-Up (your choice)

Cut up the onion and the apple. Mix thsese ingredients into the stuffing. Add the sage and rosemary and add all other ingredients into the inside of the turkey. Nanee likes the onion and apple cut into very small bits.

Use the Ginger Ale, Orange Juice or 7-Up for basting, leave a sufficient amount in the roasting pan so the turkey doesn't dry out. This will give you a sweet delicious taste you will not soon forget.

Nanee ties the legs when all the stuffing is securely in the turkey so everything stays inside, tying the legs also prevents them from getting cooked first and turning brown too soon. Tuck the wings back, and you are ready to put your 8 pound turkey into the oven.

Roast for approximately 3 1/2 hours, turning every so often to make sure your turkey is getting cooked evenly and thoroughly. You will know your turkey is done when it is a deep golden brown.

Nanee then takes the turkey from the oven, sets it on the counter, inspects it to ensure it is thoroughly cooked and ready to eat. When she is done, the turkey is then placed on the table, and the celebration begins.


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    • crazybeanrider profile image

      Boo McCourt 6 years ago from Washington MI

      Hi cathylynn- I think basting is one of the more important parts of keeping the turkey nice and moist. She always does such a lovely Job.

    • cathylynn99 profile image

      cathylynn99 6 years ago from northeastern US

      love the sweet basting fluid idea.

    • crazybeanrider profile image

      Boo McCourt 7 years ago from Washington MI

      Well thank you very much Minnetonka. Thanksgiving was wonderful. I hope yours was as well. Nanee once again came through :)

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 7 years ago from Minnesota

      I'll definitely bookmark this recipe, thanks to Nanee. Happy Thanksgiving my hubber friend:)

    • crazybeanrider profile image

      Boo McCourt 7 years ago from Washington MI

      Hey There Seakay-Thank you for the comments. I think Thanksgiving passes by to quickly, I wish they didn't rush into Christmas so quickly.

    • Seakay profile image

      Seakay 7 years ago from Florida

      I just love the smell of Thanksgiving! It's a great family time, too.

      Great write and some good new ideas. Thanks, crazybeanrider!

    • crazybeanrider profile image

      Boo McCourt 7 years ago from Washington MI

      You are very welcome. Nanee thanks you :)

    • ghazali160364 profile image

      ghazali160364 7 years ago from Johor Bahru, Malaysia

      looks so delicious..great recipe favorite roasted turkey.. Thanks for sharing this :)