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Part Two: Month Long Holidays in October

Updated on October 9, 2012

Continued from my last Hub is about more month long Holidays in October. Although my favorite season’s spring and summer are over, it is time to start thinking about Holidays. After all, October starts out the end of the year Holiday Season. So without further ado, here are more month long Holidays we can celebrate every day during October.

National Apple Month

Do you love apples? Why not celebrate this month long Holiday by picking apples, making apple pie, creating apple crafts and much more? Everyone loves apples! I know I do! What are your favorite kinds of apples? I especially like the Granny Smith sour apples. Every September, the town next to us celebrates apples by having an Apple Festival. It really should be celebrated in October but they celebrate it at the end of September instead.

National Clock Month

Here is a weird Holiday, National Clock Month. Clocks are important though since they give us the time when we need it. I wonder if this includes watches. I wear a watch every day except for in the shower and when I am sleeping. I cannot go without knowing what time it is so this month I will celebrate National Clock Month by cherishing my watch more than usual!

National Dessert Month

Hmm, dessert! Everyone loves dessert! National Dessert Month can be celebrated right along with National Apple Month since we can make apples into desserts like pies, cookies and cakes. Put the two Holidays together and have a yummy blast celebrating them together!

Energy Awareness Month

This is an important Holiday since it is not only good for our pockets to celebrate it but it is also good for the environment. Let’s celebrate Energy Awareness Month by saving on energy. How do we do this? We can keep the thermostat down and wear layered clothing, turn water off when not using it and turn off all TV’s and computers when they are not in use. Make sure everything that is using energy is turned off when you are not using it. This includes lights. Celebrate Energy Awareness Month by saving on energy and help save money and the environment at the same time.

National Pizza Month

Here is another yummy Holiday to have fun celebrating. Pizza is one of my favorite foods as I am sure it is on everyone’s favorite food list. You can either make your own, order delivery or go frozen. Making your own sounds a lot better especially since you can use healthier ingredients.

Other Month Long October Holidays

· National Popcorn Popping Month

· National Roller Skating Month

· Polish American History Month

· National Stamp Collecting Month

What a fun month October is going to be!

Week Long Holidays

Not only are there month long Holidays but there are weeklong observations as well. Check them out below:

· American Craft Week (First week of October)

· Fire Prevention Week (First week of October)

· Teen Read Week (Second week of October)

Enjoy celebrating the month of October by celebrating these fun Holidays. My next Hub will be about different day long Holidays in October.


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