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Quiet Christmas

Updated on August 16, 2016
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Writing Poetry has filled a large portion of MOJ's Life, beginning with childhood. Writing is a creative venue and lifelong enjoyment.


At home I sat with stillness filling the mornings air. The family was gone, with my wonderful girls whose voices were gay and faces fair.

Just myself, two dogs and a cat to feed; a puppy lonely for his friends, barking at anything near. This reminded me that truth upon truth, loneliness is something people fear.

A bright sun-ray finally came, shining through the snow-filled clouds of gray; telling the world there's a light powerful enough to make darkness go away.

No great celebration, no big fanfare; not even a whisper, for no one was there. Yet somehow it seemed yes, someone was; the Lord or an angel, watching with tender care.

There were no words spoken, no pretences made; but just a sweet holy presence you could feel everywhere. I knew that being apart no longer mattered, as long as Jesus was there.


The Christmas Tradition

Everyone has some sort of Christmas tradition. From Singing Carols to sleigh riding , to Christmas worship time to Ice skating, and many other activities. Its important to keep it around the family and include everyone. Its a special time of Celebration that lasts for several days, and incudes traditional recipes of baked goods and pastry and treats. Children are the main focus, yet not to be forgotten is the older group, including grandparents.. IN fact that is the miracle of Christmas, when the elderly share their memories and traditions from when they were in their youth. Sometimes it includes a story, of how grandma and grandpa met, and their romantic beginnings and how the family came to be! Blessed Christmas time when the Story of Jesus being born rings from the family room with all gathered together.. Then, finally of course a time to unwrap gifts and enjoy the laughter and surprise on each others face.. Please do something fun and don't be sad this Christmas.


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