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Scariest Masks for Halloween

Updated on October 21, 2012
Jeannieinabottle profile image

Jeannie is a huge fan of Halloween and loves everything that is ghoulish. You can often find her reading or writing horror stories.


Terrify Everyone Around You

It is almost Halloween and it is time to start thinking about the best ways to scare your friends and loved ones. Not only can you prank everyone around you, you can also invest in a terrifying Halloween costume that will delight and horrify the world. Sometimes you really do not even need an entire outfit. In many cases, the perfect scary Halloween mask is what you need to create the best Halloween costume ever.

Each year, companies get more and more elaborate with exciting Halloween masks. Not only are there masks available to scare you, there are also masks created specifically to gross you out. In many cases, the more disgusting the mask, the better.

This year for Halloween, you have a wide assortment of horrifying, morbid, disgusting masks to pick from. You can opt to get a whole outfit for your Halloween costume. You could just decide to walk around only wearing your scary mask. With the right mask, you don't even need any other accessories.

Sinister Fin Skull Mask

I don't even know where to start with this mask. Someone not only thought a scary skull would be a great idea for a Halloween mask, the designer also thought of adding bones to the top of the skull for a finishing touch.

Sure you won't be able to wear a hat or a hooded cloak all evening when you wear this, but who needs that when you can scare everyone at the Halloween party wearing just this mask?

Fonzo the Clown

Clowns are scary. I have never in my life figured out why some people enjoy clowns. I don't find them to be humorous. I am usually pretty convinced a serial killer is lurking under all that makeup. I just don't understand the appeal. So naturally, dressing like a clown for Halloween is a good, scary idea.

As if being a clown is not scary enough, you can wear a really hideous clown mask for Halloween. While being Fonzo the Clown, you might want to put on some tattered clown clothing. The more disgusting you look, the better.

Crypt Creature Mask

Would you like to give everyone around you nightmares for days? Well then, you'd better buy yourself a crypt creature mask. You can wear it around the house and jump out at people as they walk by. Perhaps you'd like to wake up friends, relatives, and roommates while wearing this mask. I am sure they won't be too traumatized!

Basically, this is one super ugly mask. If you really want to make a great impression this year, the time is now to buy this awesomely scary Halloween mask. Just knowing this mask exists in your home might even give you nightmares.

Burp Charlie Mask

If you would prefer to make your victims vomit rather than scream, or maybe you'd like to see them do both, you are in luck. Check out this awesome mask which features a monster throwing up another monster. Not only can you gross out everyone with this oddly realistic mask, it is bound to win the scariest mask contest at most Halloween parties. Get ready to make everyone you know (maybe even you!) sick with this mask!

Ghoul Face

There is something about a dark mask with a pained look on its face. Not only does it suggest a tortured death, it is really creepy. This mask is not terribly bloody or gory. Instead, this mask messes with your mind. Its haunting face will keep you up at night wishing you had never seen it.

The ghoul face mask looks great with any dark clothing or tattered old clothing. You can also wear a grim reaper outfit with this mask. A ghoul face is an excellent scary choice for your Halloween costume this year.

Screaming Corpse Mask

Another mask that falls into the "disgusting" category is the screaming corpse mask. It is pretty horrifying to look at, but it is also a really gruesome mask. The mask is basically a bloody skull with the flesh falling off of it. A missing eyeball adds a nice touch. Want to confuse everyone at Halloween? Simply wear your regular outfit with this disgusting mask and pretend nothing is wrong. Let's see what kind of reactions you get.

Twosome Gruesome Mask

Some Halloween masks are just really messed up. This is one of them. For this Halloween, you can pretend you have a mutant Siamese twin attached to your face. Yes, it is disgusting, but yes, it is really scary, too. Everyone will be impressed with this gross Halloween mask.

The Twosome Gruesome Halloween mask is also very practical considering it does not cover up your entire face. If you find it difficult to see when wearing a normal mask, this could be just the Halloween look for you.

Happy Halloween!

Copyright ©2012 Jeannieinabottle


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