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Bath and Body Gift Basket

Updated on August 18, 2015

Spa Gift Basket

Women love to be pampered, and so do some men, so these bath and body spa gift baskets are great for any occasion. These spa gift baskets include calming and relaxing products that can provide an at home spa sensation.

Most of the gift baskets will include body wash, bubble bath, bath salts, body lotion, candles, potpourri, snacks, and other products that will definitely help wash away the stresses of the day, so that the recipient can have a relaxing night or day.

The different baskets contain different products and different scents, so make sure that you find the best gift basket for your recipient. Everyone is a little different, and you'll find where one person may enjoy the smell of lavender, another may prefer vanilla, or honey, or jasmine. There are many options that you can choose from, so make sure that you check them all out before you make your purchase.

If you can't find what you're looking for, you can always consider making your own bath and body gift basket. If you decide to make a homemade gift basket, you can personalize the gift so that you know your recipient will love it. Plus, if you make a gift basket and hand pick the items, the recipient will be that much more excited because you picked everything out.

There are many scents that you can choose from, and you will find that most gift baskets contain just one main theme, so if you make your own, definitely consider sticking with that. You don't want your girlfriend, wife, mother, or friend opening a gift basket that contains many different smells, as this won't go over very well, as the different smells will combine and be well overbearing.

Anyway, you can check out some of the best spa gift baskets below. These pre-made gift baskets are great options to choose from, and they are great for just about any women, and some men, in your life.

Honey Bath and Body Gift Basket

This gift basket is a great gift that has a calming, sweet smell. Honey is a great essence that can be enjoyed by anyone. The gift basket includes honey scented products that will just soak away the stresses of the day, as well as a few treats to satisfy the sweet tooth.

  • Handmade Vanilla Caramels
  • Angelina's Sweet Butter Cookies
  • Chai Tea
  • Honey Almond Body Lotion
  • Bath and Body Gel
  • Body Scrub
  • Body Butter
  • Bath Salts
  • Hand Soap
  • Sisal Scrubber
  • Body Scrubber
  • 100% Cotton Spa Towel
  • Country Cream Potpourri

Lavender Bath and Body Gift

This is a favorite gift basket among many. Lavender will help relax and calm the body, which is why a few drops of lavender oil in a hot bath is something that many do after a stressful day at work. Well, this basket doesn't include any lavender oil, but it includes many products that will definitely help rub away the long day at work or taking care of the kids.

  • Sisal back scrubber
  • Mesh body sponge
  • Body pouf
  • Fragrant potpourri
  • Luxurious lavender scented body lotion
  • Cleansing bath gel
  • Bubble bath
  • French milled lavender soap
  • Soothing bath salts
  • Lavender body butter
  • Bath beads
  • Relaxing aromatherapy candle

Green Apple Bath and Body Spa Gift Basket

This is a fresh scented bath basket. It will definitely wake you up in the morning, but at the same time calm you in the evening. This is a great gift basket with a nice green apple fragrance. The recipient can even reuse the bamboo basket over and over again.

  • Green Apple Body Butter
  • Bubble Bath
  • Exfoliating Body Polish
  • Moisturizing Body Lotion
  • Bath Gel Body Wash
  • Refreshing Body Mist
  • Bath Bar
  • Soothing Bath Salts
  • Nail Brush
  • Exfoliating Body Poof

Rose Spa Bath and Body Gift Basket

With this floral, rose scented gift basket, your recipient will be in a forever garden of bliss and relaxation. This gift basket is great for anyone who loves the smell of roses in the morning. That may sound a little corny, but it's true. This is a great gift basket with plenty of goodies.

  • Bath and body wash
  • Moisturizing body lotion
  • Soothing bath salts
  • Terry bath pillow
  • Nail bristle brush
  • Tea Rose scented drawer sachets
  • Aromatherapy candle
  • Floral note pad with matching pen
  • Decadent chocolate truffle treats

Cloud Nine Spa Bath and Body Set

This three tier gift set is a great option to choose from. It includes many gifts and goodies such as bath and body products, as well as gourmet snacks and treats. Each box features a 4 piece spa set, all with the light scent of Luxe Cotton Blossom. Do be careful of this one, as some find the scent more of a laundry detergent smell, whereas many others find the smell clean and refreshing.

  • Soothing bath salts
  • Moisturizing body lotion
  • Shower gel
  • Rose petal bath soaps
  • Exfoliating bath gloves
  • Body pouf
  • Aromatherapy candle
  • Cup of Ashby's premium English tea
  • 3 CafĂ© Amore Bellagio Cocoas (white chocolate or French vanilla)
  • Too Good Gourmet Tea Cookies
  • Frosted Pretzels coated with non-pariel candies


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