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Meat Gift Basket

Updated on April 20, 2010

Gourmet Meat Gift Basket

There are many meat lovers and these gift baskets are perfect for those people. The meat and cheese gift baskets typically come packed with different types of meats, sausages, cheeses, and sometime they'll include crackers, spreads, and other products.

These meat and cheese baskets are perfect for Father's Day gifts, birthdays, congratulation gifts, holiday gifts, get well gift, house warming, wedding shower, baby shower, and just about everything in-between. But, for the most popular occasion to give a meat gift basket as a gift, is for Father's Day, congratulation, or a man's birthday, but that doesn't mean those have to be the only occasions.

Generally, meat lovers who receives a meat and cheese gift basket, are pretty happy about the  gift. My boyfriend was thrilled to receive a meat and cheese set one holiday.

Meat gift baskets can vary, so you will want to check out what is included before you make your final purchase. These can be simple gifts, but with a little thought, they can make any meat lover happy.

If you want to make a meat gift basket, you can purchase the different meats and cheeses separately and put them together in a neat basket or tin. A good basket choice is something that can be reused and won't get in the way once the meat has been eaten.

Purchase anything from jerky, sausage, salame, Vermont cheese, Wisconsin cheese, and any other meat or cheese that you think your meat lover would enjoy. You may even want to include crackers and maybe a few sweets in a homemade meat gift basket. 

Otherwise, it may be simpler if you just purchase a pre-made gift basket. That will save you time, energy, and quite possibly money.

Connoisseur's Meat and Cheese Gift Basket

The Connoisseur's meat gift basket is packed with loads of meat and cheese. This is a reat gift basket for anyone for any occasion.

  • Pork
  • Duck
  • Chicken
  • Holland Cheese
  • Wisconsin Cheese
  • Vermont Cheese

Meat & Cheese Board

This is a great option for a gift for any occasion, whether it be for a birthday, Father's day, anniversary, congratulations, and anything in-between. This gift set includes a nice cutting board and clear, as well as plenty of Italian meats and cheeses.

  • Old Hickory Cheese Spread
  • Italia Cheese Spread
  • Heart of Wisconsin Zesty Cheddar Bar
  • Heart of Wisconsin Cajun Mustard
  • Heart of Wisconsin Sweet'n Hot
  • Wheat Thin
  • Garlic Beef Sausage Long
  • Original Beef Sausage Long
  • Garlic Beef Sausage Long
  • Mesquite Beef Sausage Long

Gourmet Meat and Cheese Gift Basket

This gift basket is a great gift that is packed with meat, cheeses, and a wood handle cheese knife. The basket will definitely be a nice surprise for any meat lover.

  • 5 0z Smokey beef sausage
  • 5 oz Beef salme
  • 3 oz Smoked salame
  • Cheese baguettes
  • Goose wine pate
  • Bacon and chives cheese spread

Italian Cheese & Meat Gift Set

This is a great meat gift basket that includes gourmet meats and cheese that will make a great snack. The recipient will get a variety of meat and cheese, as well as a woo cutting board with this gift basket.

  • One- 10 oz Columbus Herb Salame
  • One- 8 oz Pecarino Romano
  • One- 8 oz Granda Padano
  • One- 8 oz Asiago D'allevo

Smoked Salmon Gift Basket

When most people think of a meat basket, they think of sausage and cheese baskets, but what about a gourmet salmon basket? This gift basket is perfect for those who enjoy a nice salmon. The basket includes everything that the recipient would need.

  • Premium Smoked Salmon
  • Delicatessen Gourmet Crackers
  • Whole Grain Dijon Mustard
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • Savory Beef Salami
  • Cashew Roca Candy
  • Dragon Snack Mix
  • Premium Blend Coffee
  • Very Special Truffles
  • Rich Chocolate Tiramisu Cake
  • Sisters Premium Tea
  • Holland Cheese Biscuits
  • A tin of Mixed Fruit Bonbons
  • Pecan Almond Crunch
  • Chocolate Wafer Roll Cookies
  • Cheese Lover's Pub Mix
  • Sweet Butter Cookies
  • Belgian Chocolates

Meat Lovers Gift for Father's Day

Gift Basket
Gift Basket

Includes premium Pacific Northwest Smoked Salmon,Two packages savory sliced Italian Salami, Fire-roasted Salmon Pate, Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeno Hot Pepper Cheese, Sesame Crackers, Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuits, Stoned Wheat Crackers.


Cheap Meat Lovers Gift

Heart of Wisconsin Meat & Cheese Board
Heart of Wisconsin Meat & Cheese Board

Includes sausage, cheese, and a small wooden cutting board.



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