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Spanish Festivals

Updated on October 22, 2011

The Spanish culture is perhaps one of the most vibrant, vivid and rich cultures of the world. The Spanish culture is famous all over the world for its colorful and entertaining fiestas which are full of joy and celebrations.

The people of Spain are full of life, they love to enjoy and are popular for living the life at its fullest, and their festivals are a reflection of this. As it’s said “no one knows how to party more than a Spaniard”. And it can so be proved by visiting Spain during a festive season.

In fact, there is no season of festival in Spain, every day through the year somewhere in Spain a festival is taking place and every one is partying and enjoying. Some are small and on local regional level and some are big and are celebrated nation wide.

The Spanish fiestas are unique and each has a history or story behind it. Most of the festivals are religious while most are based on their culture. Spain had been occupied by Muslims for nearly 600 years that also reflects on most of their festivals.

Some famous Spanish festivals include:

Beginning of The San Fermin Festival
Beginning of The San Fermin Festival
Running of the bulls at San Fermin Festival
Running of the bulls at San Fermin Festival

The San Fermin Festival

The San Fermin festival is the most famous festival of Spain and is the signature of Spanish culture. Yes, this is none other than the famous bull fighting of Spain.

This festival is popular all over the world and thousands of people from around the planet come to witness this dangerous battle between man and a giant bull in the large metropolitan cities of the country. The fight is followed by a large feast made of the bull’s meat.

The festival lasts for a week starting from the 7th July and ending at 14th. The festival started in 1591 and since then is celebrated every year.

In smaller cities and towns, the bull fight is replaced by the Bull Run in which the participants run with the bulls of the streets. The bull run of Pamplona is very popular.

Although many participants are severely injured and some even die, the Spaniards still faithfully celebrate the function every year.

Fallas de San Jose Fiesta
Fallas de San Jose Fiesta
Tomatina Fiesta
Tomatina Fiesta
Sonar Fiesta
Sonar Fiesta

Fallas de San Jose’ Fiesta

The Fallas fiesta is the most colorful and without a doubt, the hottest Spanish festival. The festival is celebrated in Valencia on the March 19th every year and is celebrated in the honor of St Joseph.

Although the festival had been originated as a pagan ritual it converted into a Christian festival over a period of time.

The festival lasts for five days during which the entire city gets on the streets to dance party and celebrate. The ritual involves burning of statues and the entire city is ablaze hence the name Fallas which means fire.

It is said to be the most spectacular festival of Europe and is a festival one must witness at least once in his life time.

Other cities of Spain also celebrate the festival, but they are no where near the extent of celebration in Valencia. The festival is attended by a lot of tourists and is a massive celebration. 

Tomatina Fiesta

Tomatina fiesta is the maddest festival of Spain. It is a tomato fight in which people hit each other with loads of tomatoes and this happens during the entire day.

Of course no Spanish celebration is possible without dance and music hence the festival also includes a lot of party.

The festival is held every year in the village Buñol which is present 30 miles east of the city of Valencia.

Trucks and trucks filled with tomatoes are emptied during the fight and people go crazy while playing. The festival is very entertaining and fun.

Sonar Fiesta of Barcelona

The Sonar fiesta is a very popular Spanish festival. It takes place every year at the end of August soon after the Barcelona Summer festival has ended.

The festival is basically music and art event followed by of course a Spanish party.

Large crowed from all over the world attends this wonderful event every year.

Feast of Saint James

The feast of Saint James is celebrated every year on the 25th of July.

The festival is religious ritual where ever year thousands of pilgrims travel to Camino de Santiago to the Saint’s tomb and worship there. 


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    • hassam profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Pakistan

      Yes, Spain is indeed a wonderful country and celebrates its festivals with great energy. San Fermin Festival is definitely a Spanish tradition, that has been followed by the people for years, just like the people from around the globe celebrate, their own traditional festivals.

      Such extreme events are not just in Spain but around the world, however its true that the animals do suffer in the festival, and some regulations can allow both animal be treated fairly and the people could enjoy too!

    • fucsia profile image


      7 years ago

      Spain is a country full of happy people, the energy is palpable and you can breathe through the streets. I love this Country and its festivals!

      But we must also remember that some festivals, like San Fermin Festival, can no longer be accepted peacefully, for the suffering they impose on the animals. I was many years ago at a party like that, close to Pamplona, and I can say that the bulls and the cows are mistreated and they suffer a lot, only for our fun. And this, in my view, must end.


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