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Ten Gift Ideas For Women For Valentines, Birthdays and Everyday!

Updated on January 13, 2015
Finding the perfect gift...
Finding the perfect gift...

Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Sweetheart

We’re getting closer to that time of year when you’ll have to start scratching your head to come up with a suitable gift for your sweetheart. And you don’t just want suitable , you want perfect!

The gesture of giving a gift to someone you care for has been the going trend for thousands of years. But what is the perfect way to say “I love you”? Ideas range from 30-room palaces bestowed on mistresses by ancient kings, to finger-drawn love notes on the bathroom mirror by the less fortunate.

Most men think that women are difficult to please, and get bogged down by the thought of buying the gift that hits the mark. They may visit several different shops, and/or a number of internet sites, all in the pursuit of selecting said gift. However, buying your woman a gift is not as difficult as you think. At least, it doesn’t have to be.

Here are ten easy-to-find, relatively inexpensive gift ideas that you can use now, or anytime of the year – be it her birthday, Valentine’s Day, or your Anniversary!

For your convenience, under each listed item I’m also including links to certain online stores where you can buy the item at special low prices. Some also have excellent shipping and delivery deals as well.

But first, find out what interests her the most, if you don’t already know. There will be nothing better than presenting her with a gift that she’s always wanted! If you can’t think of anything, or she’s ambiguous with telling you her desires, I’m sure she’ll be happy with one (or a combination) of any of the following:

1.) Flowers
1.) Flowers

1.) Flowers:

· Flowers are probably the most cliché gift that has ever been given to a woman, but that’s because they work! Women love flowers, and even if they don’t, the gesture of buying flowers for a woman is always appreciated. Nothing says “I love you” more than a bouquet of beautiful, fresh flowers.

· In a bouquet, the key is to find which flowers compliment the others. Remember also, that flowers do not last forever, so try to include some buds in there to lengthen the life of the bouquet.

· If you’re not particularly attuned to the best way of constructing your own bouquet, don’t be too shy to ask your florist for advice. It may not be considered “manly” to ask for help, but it will be far better to get it right than to elicit a wince from your lady, upon delivery of your mismatched concoction!

· Adding more flowers to the bouquet is not always the right way to go. In fact, sometimes it could be more romantic to show up at the door holding only one single red rose.

· Some shopping options for flowers are:

2.) Jewelry
2.) Jewelry

2.) Jewelry:

· You might be thinking that it’s nigh impossible to buy inexpensive jewelry, but you would be wrong. If you know where to shop, you can actually find beautiful and authentic pieces at bargain prices. (I’ve included a few nifty links below, for your convenience.)

· Jewelry is a nice genre of gift, because you have so many options – all of which could be just right! You could choose anything from necklaces, brooches, and hair décor, to bracelets, anklets, and earrings. Just be mindful of the message a ring will give to your lady! But, hey, if that is your intent, please go all out!

· Make sure you give her genuine jewelry, even if you have to spend a little more on it. Cheap jewelry is akin to a slap in the face. No joke.

· Some shopping options for jewelry are:

3.) Perfume
3.) Perfume

3.) Perfume:

· Ahh, the scent of a woman! Every woman loves to smell great! This is why perfume is such an excellent gift idea.

· Get her a well-known brand of perfume to show her your exceptional taste. Make it unique by selecting a fragrance within that brand that isn’t so well-known. Ask the saleslady which ones are the latest fragrances “just in”, to ensure you get something extra special and new.

· Unless you know the exact brand and fragrance your woman already wears, it’s a good idea to get a smaller sized bottle, just in case she doesn’t care for it. This will also be easier on your checkbook.

· Choose a fragrance that you think she would like and not what you would like.

· It’s safer to shy on the neutral side of fragrances rather than overtly strong or sweet ones.

· If you have no idea what to buy, take advantage of the saleslady’s advice and ask her what she wears or what she thinks is a nice fragrance. Obviously, choose a saleslady that smells good…

· Some shopping options for perfume are:

4.) Gift Card
4.) Gift Card

4.) Gift Card:

· This is the easiest gift you could get for your woman. The catch is that some women seem to think that because it is easy, not much thought goes into it, and it’s that much less special. But the majority would be absolutely thrilled, so don’t you worry!

· Make sure the store of the gift card you pick is one that your lady either shops at regularly and enjoys, or else browses regularly and longingly ogles at. It would also be thoughtful of you to buy her a gift card for a store that is close to her home or workplace, so that she can easily access it.

· Do not get her a gift card for any sort of home maintenance or labor supplies store, unless she specifically asks it of you. This may inadvertently imply that you feel she should be working harder and better, which ironically enough will not serve you at all.

· Before you buy the gift card, scout out the store you choose first, to ensure that she can buy something of substance with the amount of money you plan to put up for the card. For example, a pair of socks is not something of substance; a pair of heels is.

· The only difficult thing about giving her a gift card is that because it is a relatively small-sized gift, you will feel that you need to compliment it with something else. If your budget can handle it, go for it. If not, buy her a sweet greeting card to include with the gift card. Greeting cards are a dime a dozen, and these days you can find ones that are beautiful and thoughtful for almost nothing.

· Some good thrifty ideas for stores to get her a gift card for are:

o La Senza

o UrbanBehaviour

o Fairweather

o The Body Shop

o Aldo

o Victoria’s Secret

o Charlotte Russe

o Ross

5.) Spa Treatment / Massage
5.) Spa Treatment / Massage

5.) Spa Treatment / Massage:

· This is your most foolproof gift idea. I dare you to find one woman in the entire world that would say “no” to a free spa treatment or professional massage.

· If your lady is on the shyer side, or the kind of woman who prefers company, get her a “plus one” gift certificate, so she can bring a girlfriend and make a day of it.

· The range of prices for something like this is vast, and it could be more difficult to find something you can afford. On the other hand, around the holidays there are usually specials and discounts in many of the major salons, if you know where to look.

· Also, if you are strapped for cash, you could just get her a “foot spa care package”, or a “manicure care package”, instead of the full body deal. I’m sure she will appreciate either of those just as well.

· Some shopping options for spa/massage are:

6.) Chocolates
6.) Chocolates

6.) Chocolates:

· This is most likely your cheapest gift option. It is also the most easily accessible one, as you can find chocolates in almost any store on earth. Because of this fact, you can afford to be choosy.

· Do yourself a favor and do your homework on what kind of chocolate your lady prefers – be it dark, white, fruity, milk, or what have you. It’s the little joys that makes us happiest.

· You could also use chocolates to accent another gift you get her.

· Some great chocolate shopping options are:

7.) Lingerie
7.) Lingerie

7.) Lingerie:

· This could be a tricky gift to buy for your lady, and I wouldn’t recommend you purchase lingerie unless you have already done so in the past and you know her current size and what she likes. The reason I’m including this in the list is because if you get it right, this is one of the best gifts you could ever buy her. – It goes without saying that you’ll benefit from it as well!

· Buy her favorite colors and styles, and not your own. If the two are one and the same, you’re one lucky man!

· Go for comfort, instead of zing. For example, choose a silk nightie over a double-wired bustier. But please do not buy her a pair of huge, cotton pajama pants! Unless that’s what she specifically asked for, you could be opening a whole new “Do you think I’m fat?” discussion. And you don’t want that, trust me.

· If you’re struggling with all the many options of lingerie to choose from, go for a pair of sexy panties. She’ll always use them, and they’ll most likely fit her just fine.

· La Senza is just about my favorite lingerie store in the whole world. You can shop there online or in-store, they have a massive selection of anything you could think of dressing your honey in, and they are in a constant state of sales! You can find their website here:

· Some other shopping options for lingerie are:

8.) Romantic Dinner
8.) Romantic Dinner

8.) Romantic Dinner:

· I would venture to say that this is the second easiest gift option you have, as everyone has to eat some time. You’ll get to share this gift with her as well.

· If you’re a chef, bravo! You’ve just entered the top 3% of best partners for women on earth! However, you should only cook your own romantic meal for your sweetheart if you are completely confident in your skills, and you know that she loves your cooking! Otherwise, go out for a treat. That way you won’t have to clean up either.

· If you choose the restaurant option, deciding on the right one is crucial. You could take her to a mutual favorite, and thus ensure dependability, or you could choose a brand new restaurant for the fresh thrill of it.

· Scout out the restaurant beforehand and ensure that the ambience is something you agree with. I would even suggest that you dine there yourself first to test service and food quality. If your lady has food preferences or allergies, communicate this to the chef and/or manager ahead of time as well. Your aim is to enjoy a smooth, issue-free experience as a gift to your sweetheart.

· Some romantic dinner options are:

9.) Books/Novels
9.) Books/Novels

9.) Books/Novels:

· This is probably the most difficult gift option. Unless your woman is an avid reader and enjoys a great variety of the written word, it could be tough for you to find the perfect book.

· If you know her well, however, and you know that she loves to read, buying her a book will be the longest lasting gift you could give her.

· Because there are so many thousands of types of books you could buy, and so many bookstores available, you’ll need to ask her more about what kinds of books she enjoys or what she’s interested in.

· This is a good gift for a woman who has to take a lengthy commute on the way to work or school. It’s always nice to have an interesting read on hand for those long, boring rides.

· You’ll find that there are two types of people: Those who love and are crazy about books, and those who think that people who love books are crazy. If you’ve never seen her reading a book, please do not buy her one.

· Some bookstore options are:

10.) You!
10.) You!

10.) You!

Although I would never advise you to not buy your darling a sparkling diamond necklace, I think I can speak for your woman in saying that the greatest gift you can give her is your time. She wants to have a relationship with you and not your fancy things and bling. So, on this blessed event, even if you do find that perfect gift, do not neglect to also spend quality time with your sweetheart and make this memory one she’ll never forget!

In Conclusion:

One last tip I have for you is to think “sustainability” as you go about your treasure hunting. That is, to find a gift that will last, either in its own physical makeup, or in the impression that it makes on your woman. For example, if you have a choice between buying her a bouquet of flowers, or taking her out to eat – both of which are time-limited gifts – either ensure that the flowers you choose will last more than a couple of days, or that the dining experience is something that will stick in her mind forever. Women are all about sentimentality, so make your mark a good one.  

Happy shopping!


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    • gfarmer profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Canada

      Thank you so much for your comment - That is really encouraging!

    • maewlaay profile image


      5 years ago

      Great idea !

      i also just found cool ideas for Gifts on Valentine day from here

    • crystaljerke profile image


      6 years ago

      Thanks for suggesting wonderful gift ideas.....I think last option "YOU" is the best.....

    • gfarmer profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Canada

      Thanks, Jono! :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I really like how you've kept it concise and to the point. Quite a few good ideas in there. Keep it up.


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