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Tenerife Beaches awarded the Blue Flag in 2016

Updated on July 6, 2016

The sands of El Medano

El Medano beach and the Red Mountain
El Medano beach and the Red Mountain | Source

Tenerife's Blue Flag beaches

The island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands has many attractions, and its incredible beaches of black sand and yellow sand are high on many people’s list of what makes it so popular. Many of the beaches in both the north and south of the island have been awarded the Blue Flag that shows their excellent quality.

The Blue Flag can also be awarded to marinas and is a form of certification and validation that shows the beach or marina has met the high standards for cleanliness, accessibility, and safety. A beach that has been shown to have met Blue Flag award conditions is definitely going to be more appealing to many tourists and holidaymakers taking their holidays on the island of Tenerife.

Of course, beaches can lose their status if they are unable to maintain high standards. This means that every year there can be winners and losers when it comes to Blue Flags for the beaches of Tenerife. Every year in May, the European Environmental Education Foundation announces which beaches and marinas they have found worthy of flying the Blue Flag. So let us take a look at the Blue Flag beaches of the north and south of Tenerife, and see which ones have proved their excellence and were awarded Blue Flag status in 2016.

Beachfront between Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas


Los Cristianos, Tenerife

Los Gigantes

Cliffs of Los Gigantes
Cliffs of Los Gigantes | Source

Tenerife South Blue Flag beaches

Playa de las Vistas and Los Cristianos beach can display the Blue Flag, which the resort of Los Cristianos is proud to be able to boast. In the nearby Costa Adeje, the Troya I and Troya II, Torviscas, Fañabé, and El Duque beaches have all met the high standards needed. Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje, which includes Playa de las Americas, are the most well-known resorts in Tenerife, and where the majority of British sun-seekers spend their vacations. These resort areas were built for tourists, and being near the airport for the south of the island, are the destinations for many package-holidays. It is, of course, important to the tourist industry and local businesses in these resorts, to have Blue Flags flying for their beaches.

Also in the south of the island, the El Médano and La Jaquita beaches have Blue Flag status. Incidentally, El Médano is a favourite gathering place for windsurfers who hold contests at the resort. Conveniently near the Tenerife South Airport, the resort stands out on the coast because of the volcanic cone mountain known as Montana Roja (“Red Mountain”) that is a visible landmark from inland.

Further up on the southwest coast the black sand beach known as Playa de San Juan in the municipality of Guía de Isora can fly the Blue Flag. The resort of Los Gigantes, famous for its massive cliffs, and also on the southwest of the island, has been awarded the Blue Flag too. This popular resort is known for having great weather most of the year round, its cliffs and its marina, from which whale-watching cruises operate that also visit the beach and bay of Masca up the coast. Masca is a mountain village that has two points of access. One is by climbing the steep gorge leading to and from its beach, and the other is via a fairly recently constructed road with many a hairpin bend. For many years Masca was cut off from the rest of Tenerife unless you made the long and steep climb over the mountains surrounding it. No Blue Flags for Masca’s beach which is too remote but definitely of interest, all the same.

Playa la Arena on the coast of Santiago del Teide has been awarded the Blue Flag for its 29th time, which is a real achievement. It is next to Los Gigantes and a popular coastal resort area.

Playa Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz


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Blue Flag beaches in the North of Tenerife

Being cooler and wetter and greener, the north of Tenerife may not get so many tourists as the south, and its resorts may not be so well known, but this half of the island certainly has some of the best beaches, so it is not surprising that several of these have the coveted Blue Flag status. The resort of Puerto de la Cruz on the northwest coast has the beach known as Playa de Jardin, and it is named after the garden at the top of the beach. Its black sands have been awarded the Blue Flag. The San Telmo beach of this seaside town also has this status.

Moving on up to Tacoronte, the Playa la Arena beach of Mesa del Mar has made the grade, as have the Piscinas de Bajamar on the coast above La Laguna. Piscinas, by the way, means “natural swimming pools.” These saltwater pools are an important attraction of this resort in the north, which is right next to Punta del Hidalgo, the last town or village on this strip of coastal road, and of interest because it was once the location of reported UFO sightings.

Playa El Socorro, near the town of Los Realejos, has been awarded the Blue Flag as well. This is a long beach in the north of the island that attracts the surfers but that, nevertheless, many people on the island do not know about. It is well worth checking out though.

It is difficult for a beach to hold on to having Blue Flag status each year, although some manage this. There are many more fantastic beaches around Tenerife that have not been given the honour of flying a Blue Flag. Often this is because the beaches are simply too remote and wild. These beaches that do not make the grade do not have lifeguards for safety and the beach facilities so many people expect, however, their wildness is an attraction in its own way. Whether you like wild beaches or beaches that are kept in good shape with regard to categories that they can be judged on for Blue Flag status or not, Tenerife has such a wide variety you are sure to find a beach that suits your personal tastes!

Playa El Socorro, Los Realejos-Tenerife


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