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The Enticing Dagupan City Bangus Festival 2011 Part 1

Updated on April 28, 2011

The emerging commercial center in Philippines’ Northern Luzon region, which is Dagupan City will again culminates its very own “Bangus Festival” from April 8 through May 1. The city is considered to have the most delicious milkfish in the world and there is no doubt about that. The belly of milkfish is indeed scrumptious and its flavor is further enhanced when stuffed with tomatoes, onions and seasonings. The milkfish is clamored by people from various parts of the countr.

The city stole thunder then as it snatched a Guinness Book of World Record for the longest barbecue grill last 2003. The people of the city grilled bangus in a 1,007.56 meters long barbecue grill to rip the existing record held by Peru.

Now the city has no intentions of breaking any records since it already installed itself already in the map and was successful in promoting their main product which is the “bangus” or milkfish. The people of the city celebrate the festival to rekindle its past accomplishment and to spill fun to everyone once again.

The Dagupan Bangus Festival is now one of the major festivals in the country and tourists (local and foreign) flocks to the city in droves to experience the exciting celebration.

The Dagupan Bangus City Festival is halfway through the stretch but great things already transpired.

The exciting river cruise in Dagupan City.
The exciting river cruise in Dagupan City. | Source
The Bangus Sculpture Contest.
The Bangus Sculpture Contest. | Source
The appetizing "pigar-pigar"
The appetizing "pigar-pigar"

Last April 8 the festival kicked off with an opening ceremony and a mass. The Dagupan’s Best Trade Fair also started to showcase variety of local products and provide reasons to enjoy on the part of the bargain hunters.

The city also plunges into sports as shoot fest, angling, swimming, badminton, kayaking, boxing and dragon boat competitions were held to keep the youths and even the adults in top shape, to inculcate good values and to foil incidence of drug addiction in the city.

The River Cruise was also launched last April 9 to give tourists a great way to relax and see the wonderful scenery of the city. The city government plan to augment this tourism drive by hiring cooks and waiters so that it will give the tourists to enjoy cruise even further. The Cruise Schedule is from 8:00 to 11:00 am and 2:00 to 5:00 pm daily and it is on First come First serve for Walk-in basis. The flamboyant boats are docked at San Marino Place, Bonuan Catacdang, Dagupan City. The boats depart from the dock at an interval of one hour.

The celebration also featured events associated with the arts such as the Dagupan Graffiti Art Walk, Bangus Sculpture Contest and art exhibits held at the City Plaza’s museum. These worthwhile activities truly feature the vast creativity of the participants as they also depicted the way of life of the people residing in the city. The work of art of the wonderful artists is on display in the city plaza.

“Pyesta Pigar-Pigar” was also held last April 14 to 16 as it highlight the local cuisine which is the, “pigar-pigar” (fresh cow’s meat that is deep fried and can be accompanied with onion rings, cabbage, cauliflower and a dash of salt to taste).

Other activities associated with the Holy Week were also staged.

The big events are still on the offing and they are set to be launched in the comings days. The much-anticipated events in the festival includes “Bangus ed Carosa” (Chariots embellished with designs whose theme is milkfish), PasiklaBAND, the street dance competition “Gilon Gilon ed Dalan” (street dance about bountiful milkfish harvest), Pistay Dayat (Sea Fiesta), Bangus Rodeo, 101 Ways to Cook Bangus and the most explosive and much attended “Kalutan ed Dalan” (Bangus Street Barbecue Grill).


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