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The Enticing Dagupan City Bangus Festival 2011 Part 2

Updated on April 28, 2011

(Second of Three Parts) The Dagupan Bangus Festival is already halfway the mark but the main events are still about to unfurl in the coming days. The fun just started and there are more to come and for sure the people of the city and tourists will have further fun and delight as the celebration goes through the culmination of the festivities.

More pictures in the coming days...

The Bangus Festival circa 2003 to 2004...
The Bangus Festival circa 2003 to 2004... | Source

Here are more events lined up for the celebration:

April 24 Easter Sunday

Easter Egg Hunt

Of course an Easter Sunday will not be complete with an egg hunting spree. The participants of this event will try to win some cool prizes and items by finding eggs hidden elsewhere in the city. This can be mind boggling but can bring lots of fun.

Two sporting events, On Road Vuelta Race and the Wall Climbing and Rappelling with Sports and Health Fair will coincide on this day. It will be a battle of brawn and wit as the On Road Vuelta Race will be on full gear. The Sports and Health Fair which is backstopped by DZRD 981 Sonshine Radio meanwhile will try to usher in extreme fun and adrenaline rush on the participants.

The day is not over since the noisy yet exciting PasiklaBAND 2011 will be held in the nighttime. I’ve witnessed this before and the contestants entered here are competitive and packed with performance that can rival that of the more experienced and renowned bands.

April 25

After few days of rest to give way to the observance of the Holy Week, the festivities will be in full throttle again. There are explosive events that are in store during the Easter Sunday and these are:

Bangus ed Carosa (Milkfish in Chariots)

The parade featuring chariots with milkfish designs will fill the main streets of the city with artistic flair and explosion of colors. Fine young gals and guys donning native dresses will also add some elegance to the event and tourists will surely come in droves to witness this awesome spectacle.

Unveiling of the City Seal

A cool and juicy cash prize of 100,000 pesos around $2,300 awaits the entry that will be selected as the new city seal. The winner will also get the honor of having his or her design as the emblem of the city and this alone is a very unforgettable.

Drum and Lyre Competition

I love music and musical instruments and this makes me upbeat about the forthcoming Drum and Lyre Competition that will take place in the City Plaza. The top midget bands from all the province of Pangasinan will plunge into action and they will attempt to showcase musicality, coordination and creativity. The national champion University of Luzon Drum and Bugle corps will add spice to the competition as they endeavor to display their winning form with an exhibition.

Other activities that will commence on this is the Bangus Fest Rave party at Tag’s place and the selection of the Festival King and Queen.

April 28

One of the major events of the Festival will be in full display this day. Local and invited street dancers from nearby towns and cities will attempt to come up with lively and enthralling performance to bring delight to the audiences and perhaps impress the judges. The street dancers will be vying for top honors and juicy cash prices in the street dancing category and a timed street dance performance piece.

The participants will be clad in colorful and well-adorned costumes and for sure the picture takers will have a field day taking shots. The participants will also try to come up with intricate yet fascinating choreography and dance steps and are expected to pull surprises in the competition as they are also expected to also unleash props and marching bands to reinforce their performance further.

To be concluded...


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