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Heatrs That Howl part three (c) 2009

Updated on April 16, 2018

The Decision

Even werewolves face hard decisions!
Even werewolves face hard decisions!

That night I danced with pure evil its self, a presence I did not really believe in until that moment. As I danced, everything else disappeared but the fire and the Prince of Darkness. I was lost but I felt found! I wanted to spin around the fire forever, entranced by this false and corrupt glory.

I was snapped back into the world by a sharp pain in my leg. Something was biting me! I glanced down and there was the wolverine I met earlier, taking a chunk out of me! I looked around confused by the sudden attack and discovered that the others were cheering him on! I turned to my father and he smiled at me, but his eyes were cold. All he said was “beat him, but don’t kill him!”

Here I was being attacked by one of the most fearless animals in the North! These diabolical creatures have been known to take on bears! How could I not fight it to its death, or my own? Then I had a flash of an idea, what if I could get my attacker to change back into a human? Then, I would change back. In this way, the outcome may not be fatal. However, I did not know how to do this. I would usually stay in my wolf form all night, and wake up the next day a human child.

The change had become automatic; it required no action on my own. I was stump on what to do and I could feel animal-like rage build in me like a swelling river during a rainstorm. I grabbed a stick from the fire, then jabbed it in my opponents face. The wolverine yelped in pain and surprise and stood upright as it backed away a few steps.

I quickly snatched a medallion hanging around his neck. It just seemed like the thing to do at the time. I then realised that I also had a medallion just like his around my neck! I never remember having it before! I tore that off as well, there was no time to think.

I kept the torch pointed at the beast and watched his every move. He seemed quite bewildered and ever so slowly, he changed back into a…Indian boy! He was short and heavy-set, probably around my age. At that moment, I started to cry, the change was coming! I did not hesitate; I tackled the little brat!

I should have realised that any boy who could change into a wolverine would not be a push over. I finely pinned him down, but not until he broke my nose and cracked a rib! I also had a nasty gash on my right leg. It still would have not ended then if several of the shape shifters did not break it up.

The albino Mountain Lion approached me and stared right into my eyes. His message was clear, even though he did not speak. “You better change back before we eat you!” This shocked and scared me, so I started bawling my eyes out! Everyone else but the boy I had fought became hysterical with laughter. I t was not a pretty site! Somehow, we both managed to put our medallions back on.

Before I succumbed once again to the ‘howling heart” I asked the boy why he bit me. He glared at me with his newly glowing eyes and replied in broken French; “you danced with the Goat Man and I wanted to dance also!” It was then that I realised that the “Goat Man” was no were around. I was about ready to ask were he was, but when you are caught up in transforming to wolf form, speaking is difficult. You can yelp, you can snarl and you can howl. But forming words or even thinking about talking takes a lot of discipline and practice.

When both of us had changed back totally, I noticed that a group of humans was being “herded” by some of the werewolves. There hands and legs were bound together and they hobbled towards the fire. Instantly I knew what was about to happen. It was super time! You must understand that all humanity is drained from you when your shape-shifts. All I felt was blood-lust and hunger. We were predators and they were the prey.

We feasted and then danced to the sound of howls, stomping feet and bones being struck together. “Were Music,” as we called it, is a strange and primitive sound. At the time, it sounded quit magical to me. As the sky started to lighten and gain a touch of pink, we extinguish the fire and head to the back of the cave. Here, dried grass and pine needles were spread out to forms beds.

It was quit strange to see the naked bodies of men, curled up like sleeping dogs. There were both Native Canadian and French Canadian men in are group. When I and my father arose, it was like a signal for the others to start getting up as well. The heavy-built Indian boy watched me closely with narrow beady eyes. He did not speak or smile, nether did he do anything of a threatening nature.

There was a white hair old Indian and I new instantly that this was the albino Mountain Lion. Then I saw him put his arm around the Indian boy and I figured that was his son! No one spoke much; every one looked completely drained. I thought I would ask my father were the “Goat Man” was and he looked puzzled, then it was like a light was switched on in his head.

He chuckled for a moment then put a hand on my shoulder. “Do not believe everything you see as being things of this world.” He then looked deeply in my eyes as he lit his pipe. “Sometime energy manifest it’s self in strange ways, especial when you come of age.” Now it is my turn to be puzzled. “But I was not the only one who saw him!” I protested, “The Wolverine-boy also saw him!” “Yes,” my father admitted, and he too had come of age.”

After we washed and dressed, we packed up, said our good-bys to everyone, and headed off down the mountain. This is when my father told me about when he came of age. He had a vision of the very first werewolf in his family. He was a famous Sorcerer who was burned at the stake in the late 1500’s. He said as he danced around the fire he was transported to the village that ancestor lived in. He said it was just as real as my dancing with the devil.

As we hiked along, he also told me I was no longer a boy. I would haft to make some decisions. “Take your sister for example; you must decide what to do with her.” “What do you mean, why is it my decision?” I stammered, not sure what he was talking about. “She had her own type of ceremony why we were gone.” He stops walking and waited until I turned to face him before he continued. “She, as you know is strong willed but you must be stronger.” He paused and searched my face but I remained silent. “She may try to confront you and take charge, so you have two choices. Once again, he fell silent and waited for my comment. I did not like were this was going, but I had to know.

“What are my two choices?” Not hiding the edge in my voice. “You must take her as your mate or kill her” His face held no emotion; I could not believe he would ask such a thing! My mouth fell open but no sound was uttered, what could I say? Then he devastated me with his next words. “This decision must be made before we get home, there is no other way!”



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