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The Lulawissie Harvest Fair (So Far)

Updated on April 18, 2011
Vincent "Itchy" Leeds plays the accordion for us all.
Vincent "Itchy" Leeds plays the accordion for us all. | Source
Some of the Autumn Fare grown by our locals.
Some of the Autumn Fare grown by our locals. | Source
The Beer Tent.
The Beer Tent. | Source

Our Autumn Festival

I’m sorry that I have neglected my duties to you readers as to the on goings in our community, as I told you before I was down with the flu, but since then I have traveled to the West Coast to participate in a family function. I am still splitting my time with the Gas and Grocery over at O’Brien’s Ferry.

Our Harvest Fair celebration got off to a rather dismal start. It rained on parade day and it didn’t really let up for awhile. We were looking forward to a raucous time to kick off the Autumn Festival, and most of the festivities ended up prematurely at the beer tent. No one really complained about it, since we were all planning on ending up at the beer tent anyway. Father Mike still stood up in the pouring rain and offered up the benediction, but many of us doubt that he will remember much of it. The lovely (and hot) Reverend Mother Veronica took her place in the beer tent along side Patrick Fahy as they served up the suds for the crowd. The Reverend Mother or “Ronnie” was clad in her now famous Kelly green Fahy’s Pub T-shirt which she loved to wear skin tight. Sometime during today’s event, you can count on someone squirting her down with seltzer. (I need to go to confession when this is all over!).

Vincent Leeds or “Itchy” donned his festive garb and brought out his accordion to add a jubilant flair to the opening day festivities. Although he missed a few notes here and there, most of the patrons of the beer tent barely noticed. His only detractor was Mildred Shoop who kept shouting “Play the ‘Beer Barrel Polka’” over and over again, while throwing bottle caps at him. Vincent soon became annoyed and carried his squeezebox over by the bar. After a while, he had the entire tent singing “Danny Boy” as they passed the hat to help him buy more flea collars for his dogs.

The kids were the ones that got the short end of the stick, they were supposed to have a hay ride to the pumpkin patch out at the Fitzgerald farm, but the rain pretty much “dampened” that. So most of the kids hung out at the VFW hall and threw darts and played billiards with the old veterans. There were quite a few teens that got bored and went up to Vista Point with their dates. The town council decided to keep this area well supervised this year to try to cut down on the surge of unwed pregnant teenage girls around the first of the year. We just don’t have the funds at the benevolent society to help pay for that much hormonal irresponsibility, especially right after Christmas.

There is so much more to come, the festival lasts for a couple of more weeks. Check back here from time to time to check up. As for me, I’m going over to sit at the bar over in the beer tent and shake up a bottle of seltzer for Ronnie (and then I'm probably going to go to hell!).

Have a blessed evening.

The entire contents of this writing, and all writings previous to this one, including the name “Lulawissie”, are the original work of Delbert Banks and are protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America. © 2010 By Delbert Banks.


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    • badegg profile image

      Del Banks 7 years ago from Southern Appalachians

      We love our town, Breezy. Feel free to come for a visit.

    • profile image

      Breezy 7 years ago

      Your little town seems like it is really cool! I would love to go there and check it out! I'm half Irish, so I think I would fit right in!