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Mother's Day Gifts - What Not To Give. Seriously!

Updated on May 9, 2015

Making a decision on what to get mom for mother's day is a big deal for a lot of teenagers. Some are torn between what is an appropriate gift versus what mom really needs.

I realize that shopping, and especially shopping for mothers day can sometimes be overwhelming. And oftentimes it's just easy to grab that one thing that you that screams at you on store shelves, or that gift that may have been suggested to you by another well-meaning individual.

But, we all know that not all gifts are appropriate. So for all you youngsters, teenagers, or maybe even grown-ups out there who are still unsure of what to give the moms in your life this mother's day, let me at least advice you on what not to give.

No Deodorant for Mother's Day's Gift

The one thing you don't want to give a mother is deodorant, no matter how nice you think it smells. You may have perceived an awful odor from mom at some time. Which may have been brought about by some hormonal changes, or maybe her just letting herself go. But, even then, you don't ever want to give her a deodorant as a gift on Mother's day.

If perfumes are too expensive for your budget, then give her a gift card and let your well-deserving mother spend it on whatever she likes.

Some thoughts on Mother's Day Gift Giving

You Say...
I Say.....
It's not the gift that matters, it's the thought behind it.
While this may be true..., most of the time. It also makes sense to give a gift that counts. Not just anything, but a gift that mom or grandma, or your mother-in-law can really use.
Mom doesn't really seem to care what she gets
Though it's true that most mom would not complain about their gift. Going the extra mile to find out what mom really need or want may be the difference between the gift she'll use and the ones that ends up in the attic unopen/unused.
Mom is always happy and appreciative no matter what I get her
Mom would be happy even if you bring her a frog in a jar. :) Afterall, she's mom. Get her something special. She deserves it.

No Cookware for Mother's Day

Please, don't give mom a cookware set. I'm just saying, because for me, getting a cookware set for mother's day is like being told I need to spend more time in the kitchen. Like I haven't spent enough time in the kitchen already! I don't need a reason to do more cooking or spend more time in the kitchen.

Listen, we women are the Chief Operating Officer of our kitchen, so leave the buying of the cookware to us. If we need one, we know exactly how and where to get one. And, just because a cookware set is on sale doesn't mean it is a good gift choice for mom. Unless of course, if we specifically request it

If You Are A Mom.

Have You Ever Gotten A Gift You Didn't Like For Mother's Day?

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Definitely, No Wigs for Mother's Day!

Again I say, No Wigs! Funny, you think? O yes, very funny. While you may think mom needs a wig because you've spotted a bald spot right in the middle of her head, Mom, on the other hand, may probably want to tackle you down for coming up with such a tacky idea for a mother's day gifts.

Loss of hair is a fact with most of us women as we grow older, but I don't need to be reminded of that, neither do I need anyone telling me I might need a wig. Leave that decision to me, because I may just be in denial of that fact.

Give Mom That Perfect Mother's Day Gift - She's Worth It.

When thinking of what not to give mom for mother's day, there are three things to keep in mind:

  • No Deodorant
  • No Cookware, and definitely,
  • No Wigs.

For most people, body odor, hair loss is a very sensitive issue. So, be careful when you thinking of what to give mom on her very special day. Mother's day is that very special day we get to honor our mothers, so take the time to plan and find that special gift that mom, or grandma will really appreciate.


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Author: Comfort Babatola - ©2013

Was There A Gift You Wished You Hadn't Given To Your Mom for Mother's Day? Feel Free To Share In The Comment Section Below.

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