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Top 10 Ideal Gifts For Men

Updated on November 15, 2019

Now that Holiday Season is fast approaching, some may have bought their gifts, some are already busy buying their gifts but there are still others who are having a hard time thinking what gifts to buy. Here are the Top 10 Ideal Gifts for Men that might help in choosing a gift for your love ones not only for this Holiday Season but also in other occasions that will come. Note that I did not include any electronic device or gadgets on my top 10 list like what I did in my other hub about Top 10 Deal Gifts for Women.

1. Perfume/Cologne

Men, like women, also love perfumes and colognes. Perfume makes men more attractive to women. There are many brands of perfume available in the market that you can choose from. So giving perfume this holiday season will be a good idea. And for those men who are prone to allergies from perfume and do not want a strong scent, you can choose cologne. I never thought that men would suffer allergies from perfume but there is a guy I know that is allergic to it. His head aches whenever he use a perfume especially the one with a strong scent. So choose the one that suits the person you are giving it.

2. Watch

Men love watches. Most men use it as their only accessory. You will seldom find a man who is not wearing it. So giving watch is an ideal gift this season. Aside from telling him the time, a watch also serves as a man’s calendar, official timer, organizer and many more.

3. Shoes

You can select from the various types of shoes in the market. Rubber shoes that they can use in their workout and other active activities will be a helpful gift that men would love. Formal shoes that they can wear when they go to work, school and other cocktail parties, and casual shoes for their everyday wear. Choose one that is sturdy and at the same time comfortable for men who are always on the go.

4. Bag

Backpack, travelling bags and gym bags are the most common bags that men use. You will never run out of ideas on which bags you will choose. There are many bags available in the market. So just choose what bags will be suitable for them and I assure you, they will really appreciate it.

5. Wallet

If women love bags, men loves wallet. Wallet is the one thing that most men bring wherever they go. Here they put their credit cards, atm cards, identification cards and cash. There are also some men who put pictures of their love ones in their wallet.

6. Ties

Some men wear neckties as part of their office attire, formal wear and uniform while some choose to wear them on special occasions like weddings or when they want to impress somebody.

7. Belt

Belt is essential and part of men’s everyday clothing. Giving belt to a man will be a very helpful gift and not only that, you will not worry that this gift will be kept in a closet because almost every man wears it. You just have to choose a belt which will be more beneficial to him like for example, if he is keen on wearing jeans every day, choose one that is for casual wear. But if he is always wearing slacks or formal pants, choose leather belts.

8. Clothes

You will have many choices of clothes to choose from if you prefer clothes as gift. Casual and rugged clothes like shirts, jeans and shorts for everyday wear. Formal clothes like polo and long sleeves that can be wear every day or for special occasions. Remember that when buying clothes, make sure to know the size of the person. There are people who buy clothes to give as gifts to other people eventhough they don’t know the exact size of the person to whom they will give it to. So what happens is that the receiver gets something bigger or smaller than his/her actual size. In the end, that gift (clothes) will just be kept in the closet and will be forgotten.

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9. Shades

Shades can serve as a protection and accessory to a man especially to those men who are driving. Shades with variety of colors and brands would be easy to buy and will not take a lot of time in choosing because you will not worry about the size of it unlike in buying clothes.

10. Discount card or membership card of his favorite gym

We know that most men are really active and love to go to gym so giving them a membership card or discount card will not only make them happy but also help them to achieve a more healthy and fit body. It will even be better if you will add gym clothes to get him more in style when he works out.


I hope that this hub helped you in choosing what gifts you will buy and after reading it you have already decided what to buy as a present. Giving gift is one way of saying thank you and showing our love to the men we love. So what are you waiting for? Buy now; and remember giving a hug, kiss and smiling while giving your gift is a nice gesture that your love one will surely appreciate.


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