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Top 10 Ideal Gifts for Women

Updated on November 15, 2019

Now that Holiday Season is fast approaching, some may have bought their gifts, some are already busy buying their gifts but there are still others who are having a hard time thinking what gifts to buy. Here are the Top 10 Ideal Gifts for Women that might help in choosing a gift for your love ones not only for this Holiday Season but also in other occasions that will come. Note that I did not include any electronic device or gadgets on my top 10 list.

1. Perfume/Cologne

Women love perfumes. I believe putting perfumes in your body added confidence and freshness. So giving a perfume this holiday season will be a good idea. And for those women who are prone to allergies from perfume and do not want a strong scent, you can choose cologne. If your girl loves putting lotion, there are scented lotions available in the market. That way, it is like giving them both perfume and moisturizer all in one.

2. Watch

Women and men alike love watches because watches does not only serve as a timekeeper but also serve as jewelry and can also be collected. Some says that when you give watches, you are not just giving that person a gift but you are also giving them your time which is more important.

3. Jewelry

Women love to wear jewelries even on ordinary days. Most women wear a pair of earring paired with a necklace and a ring to add sophistication and beauty. So if you have a budget, giving jewelry is a nice idea and you can be sure that it will be taken care of especially if it is expensive.

4. Scarf/Shawl

Scarf or shawl as a gift is a nice idea. Modern and fashionable women love to have this one because of its many uses. They can use it as an added accessory to a woman’s outfit or as an adornment in their head/hair.

5. Chocolates

Chocolates are one of the most popular gifts for holidays; women love chocolates together with flowers. That is why some men often give chocolates and flowers to the girls they like.

6. Makeup

Make up enhances the appearance of a woman. Some women love to wear makeup so it is also included in the list and makeup kits is one of the items that you will see in a girl’s pouch or bag.

7. Bag

Almost all women are using bags especially shoulder bags. So this is really an ideal gift for women that will surely be appreciated.

8. Wallet/Pouches

Wallet and pouches are also some of the items you will see in a woman’s bag. Wallet to put their credit cards, identification cards and money. Women use pouches to put their makeup, lipstick, powder, cellphones and other small things that women use so pouches and wallets will be a very useful gift for women.

9. Accessories

Accessories or “bling blings” in the Philippines are also one of the women’s favorite stuff. Young and adult women love accessories so giving them as gifts if you do not have a lot of budget is ideal.

10. Rubber Shoes/Workout Outfits

Women nowadays, like men, are being health conscious; they find time to work out. You will now see women running and working out in gyms. So giving them a nice pair of rubber shoes will be a good idea. Buying a workout outfit for them will also be appreciated by active women.

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After choosing what gifts you want to give to your loved ones and you still have some extra money on your pocket, do not forget to buy and add flowers as a gift. Flowers are a nice gift that women would surely love. You don’t have to buy a bunch of flower if you do not have a big budget, even a piece or 3 red roses is enough to make your love one feel especial.


Now that I have elaborated the Top 10 Ideal Gifts for Women, have you decided what to buy as a present? Giving gift is a sign of appreciation and one way of showing our love. Whatever gifts you may give to them, it is not the size or price that really counts but the effort that you are putting on it. Remember that there is no other gift that can compare to the real love and respect that you give to the woman you love.


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