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Top Activities For The Christmas Holiday Season

Updated on October 16, 2015
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Visit Santa In His Grotto This Christmas!

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What Are You Doing Over The Christmas Period?

Everyone celebrates Christmas all over the World and it is a very busy time of year with a lot of parties and millions shoppers buying presents, decorations, Christmas Trees, Clothes and other themed Christmas items.

If you are going out a lot you can make a Calendar and write out all the things you are doing and places you are going to.

There are Office parties, family parties, Winter Fairs and Markets, Christmas Balls, New Year's Eve Balls, Santa's Grotto's, Christmas Shows and lots more to organize.

Your diary will be full of things to do and places to go and you need to get ready!

Top Christmas Events To Go To


Going To A Christmas Theme Park Or Fair?

Visit a Winter Fair or Market. Taste some Christmas foods and recipes and drink some Mulled Wine!

Visit Santa's Grotto and go on the Christmas themed rides.

Shop around for some unique and handmade gifts as well while you're there.

Going to a Christmas fair or market is something all the family can do. There are usually rides and a Santa's Grotto for kids as well. And there are fair rides for adults, market stalls with arts and crafts products you can buy as presents or keepsakes and lots of restaurants and cafes to try traditional Christmas food from different countries.

Your Top Christmas Events + Activities?

What's Your Favorite Thing To Do Over Christmas

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Going To A Santa's Grotto Is A Must!

There are Santa's Grottos everywhere over Christmas and it is a good idea to buy tickets in advance if you are trying to go to one of your kids' favorites.

And there are sometimes free Grottos in shopping centers where you can also get a photo done with Santa on the spot for a small fee.

At Santa's Grotto you can talk to Santa and ask him for the present you want most. And you can get a photo done with Santa as well to take home with you.

Most department stores will have a special Christmas Grotto with goodie bags to take away, arts and crafts activities and story telling or special messages from Santa.

Also you can find smaller Grottos at local fairs and markets and on weekends in shopping malls.

Going to a Santa's Grotto is an important part of the Christmas activities if you are a kid or have kids yourself.

Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London UK 2013

Going Christmas Shopping?

Christmas Shopping can be a lot of fun stopping off at a cafe or restaurant, listening to carols, or going to Santa's Grotto.
Christmas Shopping can be a lot of fun stopping off at a cafe or restaurant, listening to carols, or going to Santa's Grotto. | Source

Going To A Christmas Evening Party Or Event?

A Night Out On The Town Over Christmas Is A Must!

You'll probably even definitely be going out for a Christmas lunch, party or drinks or be invited to a party at a friend's house, or out to dinner, a bar, or a hotel or other venue.

Going out for a Christmas meal, or buffet, is probably one of the most done things over Christmas.

Having a traditional meal, going to a buffet restaurant with entertainment, going to a bar with drinks and canapes is top on the list of things to do over the Holiday Season.

And you will find there are a lot of events and venues holding open Christmas parties and balls which you can buy tickets for.

You can make a table and invite your own guests or just go with friends and join a table.

And there are drinks venues which serve Christmas snacks along with cocktails and then DJ's afterwards.

Dressing Up For Christmas Events + Parties

If you're going to a Christmas market or theme park you might want to dress up in fancy dress. Go as an elf, or dress in a Santa Suit.

Or just wear a festive hat and coat in red to fit into the holiday season.

And if you are going to a family party for Christmas see if the other guests are going in fancy dress and then decide what to wear.

Your kids could wear a Disney costume to fit for the evening, like one of the Disney Princesses or as a Pirate or other popular character.

Christmas Lights In Regent Street London UK 2013

What Do You Think?

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    • oldiesmusic profile image

      oldiesmusic 4 years ago from United States

      Christmas is one of the most stressful events, even if you could say that it's worth it because it's fun (yes it's really fun). It's good to plan ahead to somehow cut back the stress. Thanks for your suggestions. :)