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Valentine Gift - Surprise it with the 10 Things Most Crazy

Updated on March 31, 2016

Do you think that roses, chocolates, lingerie, cards are the good valentine gifts for your darling in the Valentine day?

If you say “yes” and of course you are right. Nevertheless but you are a little bit not creative or easily predicted. We all know the usual Valentine's Day gift suspects. Otherwise, all of us want a surprise, or something unusual, and maybe crazy things.

10 things to surprise your Valentine Day

Here the 10 things the craziest Valentine Gifts to surprise your Valentine Day:

  1. Buy your lover a pet. Dog or cat is good, but the craziest is bought a tiger. If you cannot afford it, at least you can buy pet food. Just think, with the pet, you can create a romantic dinning with your lover. The place is yours, a fancy restaurant is better, but at home is good.
  2. Buy your honey a dress or suit with the pink color valentine gift, but the craziest is bought a two person t-shirt or two person underwear. Do I out of my mind? I do not think so. It is fun and romantically sexy. If you in mid ages, it’s to fire up your loves relation. I give you tips, here the keyword: French kisses.
  3. Cook for her for 14 days. If you cannot cook, at least you can serve her favorite drink. But you can make a big surprise in the 14th day by put a small gift in her champagne glass: a gift like ring, earring, or necklace.
  4. Say to your darling “I love you” and repeated it 10 times each morning and do it for 14 days. And do it again at night. Say it with different tone and intonation. You can said it with romantic voice, funny, or just think a crazy think to said it. That no cost romantic valentine gift.
  5. The usual Valentine gift is good, but let the Mr. Postman do it for you. You can send different valentine gifts in a 14 days. I told you you gift ideas, cheap but naught and romantic: underwear, card, chocolate, roses, comb, sock or stocking, doll or pillow, candy, ticket or coupon, wallet, earring or necklace, photo frame, dinner invitation, and at the end please pick her up with limousine for a romantic valentine dinner.
  6. Sent a romantic e-mail, e-card, in 14 days. But at the end invite for a romantic dinner or going spa and massage together. But it is better do it yourself at home. Put your valentine gift at night inside the blanket.
  7. Do the most you like all through day at Valentine. You can combine and arrange like watching your memorable video, look photo albums, dancing and singing, sailing or fishing, swimming, joking, shopping, and or others ideas comes to your mind. Do not forget to bring camera or camcorder to recorded your valentine day. Playing it after 3 or 6 month later. Hmm, you will be laughing a lout.
  8. Visiting your parent, bring your gifts, make a party. Everybody will love you. Let everybody telling a good joke, or a nice story. Give forgiveness for the past that hurt you. Do not be a shame to cry. It is the most crazy valentine gift and cheapest to heal your soul and make you a better person.
  9. Gives yourself a bunch of roses or buy a gift you most like. Put your name as a sender and make a note: “From me because I love my self”. It is good to do, and you will be “crazy” and happy when you found your valentine gift at home.
  10. Praying is good for both of you. Gives thanks for your relation, praise the God for His mercy and loves. Donate for your church or charity. Give your used clothes or things that still good to wear. Be humble and keep believe in love. Be honest and promise to yourself will be a better lover. You give a marvelous gift to surprise your precious Valentine Gift.

Happy crazy Valentine’s Day!

We are bored with the same old Valentine’s gift. So why we do not try something different and able to create crazy effect on your loves life with the person you most care. Please try one of my Valentine Gift ideas and share your story. Believe me, it works well. Maybe both of you lovers, read this article together and choose which is suitable for your romantic sense. Please share the story after you did that to our lovely reader. Give a note or comment. That's will be the most crazy-romantic Valentine Gift after all. Happy “crazy” Valentine’s Days!

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    • profile image

      Cindy 7 years ago

      I like them =) especially the last one.

    • profile image

      rachii.... 7 years ago

      realyy......awsum.... ultimate.... u'r ideas made mee laughd 4atleat half an hr..... gr8.....

    • Esrom Art profile image

      Esrom Aritonang 8 years ago from Indonesia

      Yes I agree. Thanks for comment.

    • profile image

      Nena Shylon 8 years ago

      The Limo thing is a bit expensive!!

    • samsoft profile image

      samsoft 8 years ago from NIGERIA

      Oh, this is pretty good!!